Tory Lanez - Pandora Swave Lyrics

This is the voice of the swave, Tory Lanez. He's not an artist, he's a selection. All things swavey, in Swavey we trust. I'm back, baby, better than never and never better than never

I opened Pandora's box and got Pandora swave
Now every time I dress, a nigga over swavey
Ain't gotta rap, my shows pay
And when I go to dinner, my hoes pay
Got the bow, we look like Ohio
Line me up some women, I make sure they single file
Got these women whinin' like I sprayed them with Biscotto
With your favourite chicken tryna get it like the lotto
Ain't got time for you, it's Swavey, I back the bottom
Got 'em talkin' 'bout that big paper, I'm stackin' bottles
And I'm shinin' like a light saber that's swervin' back
I be ballin' like a white Laker, that's workin' heavy
I got paper like the mayor, I can't do nothin' but swave it out
Girls on my dick 'cause it ain't bigger than my bank account
I mean my dick is big but there's just too much of a bank amount
Bravo switch the beat up, everythin' they think about

Pandora swave, yes I'm in that
Charlie Sheen, trickin' women
Bunch of fly flock of women chillin' with me
Charlie Sheen, trickin' women

Now, we're gonna take a break, have a rest stop. Just havin' some technical difficulties. It's just too much swave happenin'

My girl got shape like a cinderblock
I get more paper than a printer god
I don't buy my clothes, I let my women shop
'Cause they know how I'm s'posed to look when I go out
Heavy shard lazy, like it's four cities with my glasses Varsayse
Oops I mean Versace, Herachi, from 9th street
Women they harass me, they ask me to dine me
I swim, put money on these 8-7's, tell me what you talkin'
Trickin', ballin' like I play for Memphis, mean I'm on my Grizzley
Might as well just call me Michael Pippey
My last broad couldn't hang, I threw her like a frisbee
Word to the swave, I got a chick off that, nigga go on, holla
Put that big bank roll look like oblongata
But this big car note look like long thong thotta
Swave maker original dime thotta, swavey

Pandora swave, yes I'm in that
Charlie Sheen, trickin' women
Bunch of fly flock of women chillin' with me
Charlie Sheen, trickin' women

Don't worry, the swave will only be here forever
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