Tory Lanez - The Prequel Lyrics

[Tory Lanez & N-Rimes:]
What you niggas thought it was over?
We're back nigga
Uh, uh
Where you at nigga?
Takin' over the game this year baby (Uh)
Uh, niggas can't see me nigga
This year
It's the prequel
This some shit of epic proportions nigga
Niggas say we fell off
The end of the game
We ain't never fell off nigga
(Uh-huh) I'ma show y'all why we the best (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
Where you at Rimes?
Let's go
Ay (Ay)

My camp pull the mileage
Your mans astonishin' family
Possibly, sadly walk through the valley of tossin' and that ain't even (Uh-huh)
The shadow of death is the path you accept
If you're passin' the threat I act and address your absentness
Steps (What up)
I will enable, first fatal works 'til you base the verse
Make you hate that pain or be breakin' your stable
Face it on earth
Opposin' the hoes or be open and swallow so stay alert (Uh-huh)
'Cause I motion to smoke 'em hopin' not to go to Maplehurst
'Cause my eyes on the fetty, I'm grindin' for plenty
You try my, I'm ready, you'll die if you're empty
So why even test me? (Why?)
And keep on resentin' the lesson, I'm guessin' you want it (What?)
So speak in my presence, you're gettin' the present I promise (Okay)
A snuff to your head and knee to your ribs (Uh-huh)
I flee to your crib and told you're momma "Speak to a kid" (Speak to him)
And after that you actin' wack
I pack up late to catch a fade
Slippin', you'll just have turn [?] pass the maze

[Tory Lanez:]
Choppin' bodies in garbage
Honest-hearted and all of them
Harvest, carvin', starve hearts and an arm and leg on an offerin'
Show up to your apartment, walk into the hall of it
Dartin' into the offices
Officer, often talkin'
I'm gone inside of the audits (What's up?)
Flawless, lawless and heartless
Started [?] with the dissin
Nigga missin' in a mission and hit you quicker than pixels'
Is you, is you, is you rippin'?
I got your bitch and I'm willin' to break her britches
I break my dick in
Strictly kickin' you chickens and bitches
Is wishin' that he'd ever stopped, but he never stops
Hella hot shots to your melon
Watch rocks in the hella hot
What the [?] is you gonna do?
Comet crew, I'm comin' through
100 dudes like who the [?] is you?
Come at you, a homi', I break your body in [?] tombs
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