Tory Lanez - Speaking Tongues Lyrics

(feat. N-R.I.M.E)

DJ Ill Will

[Tory Lanez:]
Hello baby I'm on
Yellow when the vise on
And I got money longer than the horizon
Got a big plane your baby mama can fly on
I ain't got time even in another time zone (DJ Rockstar)
Online I grind ho
Offline my grind go, hard like the horns on a rhino
I'm so hot shawty you can call me Spyro
Bottom of the pot baby you can call me Milo
I go in the five O 6-speed fly ho 6 breeze
'Bout to 'bout to poke it all in her
Swiss cheese money that a girl can't believe
Ripley's hang me on the wall like a star with a crisp T
Yeah, your girl sittin' in my knapsack
I be at the dealer doing numbers like cat stacks
All chicks said they love a young black lad
Rubbin' on my ugh like it came with a track pad
Be in the lot, be in the lot doing donuts
Anytime a nigga hit the spot make 'em go nuts
Mama wanna hop up in the drop, so what
Oh she with her friend, let 'em in ring 'em both up
Uh, blow me like a stick of nicotine
It's the mean mister bet your girl'll let me in between
Like I'm tryna intervene, I ain't tryna intervene
Tryna hit you in the spleen harder than a figurine
Ciroc poppin' what's poppin', ugh
My top droppin' what's flockin'
I rock bodies like a nigga pop lockin'
And my crib is set up like the car they shot Pac in
Uh, what's the numbers I can lock in
It's like Christmas all my women got stockings
Uh, have something I have stocks in
I told them get the money so they only date stocks men
What's good and it's goody
Hit the outlet what jeans which hoodie
Day 'n' Nite baller call him Kid Cudi
Anywhere I go the buzz with me like Woody
Yeah, Fly Fres nigga (Canada)

[?] blind nigga we sicker than [?] slime
Ready guys
Look, uh
LRG designs all my back pockets
The bright sides to slop what I stash profit
Bad broads is on deck her ass proper
Have her sing high notes like she sing opera
Block frizzy T-city we getting busy
My brother we getting cheddar so women be getting frisky
40 on deck I'm sippin' it oh yes and ripping this song bless the killah the don next
The bottle I gotta go off to the models and walk to the condo
Picking combos of chickens like I got a McDonald's
Like which chick hit look at me possibly I don't know
I'm the hottest out the dark so they honor the title
Sicker than the sickest bigger than the biggest and I'm flyer than the birds while you swimming with the fishes
Flowing like the wind in the winter I'm a winner, shawty know the paper proper I'ma stick her
Liquor in my system got me chillin' like a blizzard
'Til I'm 'bout to give her DC like I'm wizard
I don't smoke but my TV lighting swishers
Brother you can never see me I am Ella
Better is a heap of 'em, seeing the season I'm finna ether them
The heat is needed breath it to each of them
See it's neither easy for your sweet to eat a beat where your greeted please the people keep it lethal spit the B-note
That's killer raps
Read the chips, casinos my figures stacked
Peep the wrist it's really cold, Jackson
See the fish brother Tito
Leave you with a damn scarred face like Pacino, what's really good
My Blackberry keepin' me stacked berry the various plans vary from business to slamming Carey
Hillson at Hilton I'm feeling for top ceiling
Watch 'cause it's how I'm finna cop like a villain
Props to Locs to support the flock
Fresco be the jock open the door's locked
Let's go hit the spot like the women I rock
And spend dough that we're tricking for guap
Let's get it
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