Tory Lanez - Super High Lyrics

Maybach Music
What up Shawn
Mr. 1 Verse Killah
Maybach Music
I see you Trav
Yeah, uh
You know, I'm repping hard for my town
Maybach Music
That's right, yeah
I won't proceed to talk shit until the beat come in
I mean I'm swavey like that I can do it
Maybach Music
DJ Ill Will

Look, uh
Emblem on my chain
Me I'm feeling myself but they mami feeling the same
Chain gleaming bumpin' the dang grease up in the lane
Line 'em up Versace lenses probably got mami watching
Jacob tick and tockin' and got all of these women jockin'
Ladies said I'ma figure so we could split up the profit
Bottles full of Xans it's second before it hits the bottom
And all of my whips is foreign before the Murciélago
Tourin', trees orange where I be at
I'll open in the slopes lil' homie you ain't see the ski hat
Said that they lock it down this is where I put the key at
When I step in your town brother you know where to be at
Man I been in a daze I need a second to recap
I gave my girl a 2 am my boo brought me a 3 back
We sippin' on that ooey truly sag on my Nike bag
Losers be needin' Louis for you to get your wifey back
They say that every beat action got a reaction
I just need a Lamborghini for me to relax in
Take that Em up out the dash put that Relapse in
Made a hit up now I sit up in that C-class Benz
Man we livin' the good life
We came from them hood nights
To goin' to them dinners with the women we should wife
Them black cards when I'm at the stars I should swipe
I'm out with two twins man they look like lookalikes
I just might took a flight
I look like lookin' right
Serial killer ladies lookin' for me [?] tonight
That Superman kush lookin' for me the Kryptonite
Make a filet mignon just as long as you're cookin' right
DJ Rockstar
What it lookin' like?

Uh, Canada
It's Mr. Peterson baby (Maybach Music)
January 1st
We gon' murder the world
We gon' murder the blogs
We gon' murder everything
Time is Mulah (Maybach Music)
Worldstar I see you
Yeah, uh
Uh, uh, uh
Aight I think that's enough of me hearing my voice
Maybach Music


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