Tory Lanez - Swavey Lyrics

You see the swave is an undeniable force
You see I wanna talk swave but don't know swave talkin'
Now I go by the name of Slim Juice
Keepin' it pimp proof through the tape proof
And I don't know if y'all have enough vernacular in your system for this swavey
Now when you swavey, you ain't no lame man 'cause you out here makin' history
Now I'ma let my brother come up here to the mic
And give y'all a lesson on here this swave play, thank you brother

Bitches on my uh 'cause I'm swavey
Niggas talkin' slick 'cause I'm swavey
Lame suckers, they know for gang G
Big old rock chain, it's lookin' like the 80's
We don't talk, we make statements

Oh yeah bruh, I mean let me take a second
This is that grade A swave play
Hand me my tail comb, baby

It's the force speakin'
So call up all of your coaches and tell them all of they ballers takin' the off season
I see your flaws like I'm palm readin'
And it's the don 1 speakin', it's the under palm treein'
Cloud speakin', palm peakin', on my own readin'
The time for me to see it, the times I'm keepin'
So they sent that palyer, you ain't even follow that rhyme
I'm not on your time, to catch me, roughers gotta rewind
I mean, I thought that you congratulate me
Turn around and fabricate me
The game changin', look how that fame changed 'em
It's what they say behind the line and now they friends hatin'
Wow, it's friggin' amazin'
It's crazy how I came from a young nigga
Into my country's number 1 nigga
Wow, palms thicker
I just figured fun;s thicker
This the don't you put me in the midst of mixup
I need loyalty
Now the fiends need a fix up
This is exactly what you paid for
They make time and make way for us
Tory Lanez orb, Mr. Paid For
You sure? Yeah, I'm safe sure
Haters hatin' more
There's more money than in the safe drawer

Need I say more? I brought my nigga with me. I mean when life gives me 100 reasons to cry, I show life I got a million reasons to smile. I mean 'cause in the end, it's not gon' matter how many raps I took or how many moments I took breath away. Swavey, I mean you gotta be yourself man. I mean 'cause the ones that mind don't matter, the ones that matter don't mind. Oh yeah, I don't do hip-hop music, or R&B. I do swavey, so that is the genre

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