Ari Rei – Flower City Freestyle Lyrics

A lot of tough guys ain’t gangstas
A lot of nice guys got cases
Lacefront wigs and Lasik
Every dime got two faces
The head on the second one senseless
I protect all five senses
Out loud, this my section
Baby let’s drop this tension
She whispered she a problem
I’m like “smooth” shawty don’t want the smoke
Said “I do, and I won’t tell”
It’s like murder she wrote
And after talking went to walking
I left her by the road
Told her girls that I’m a dog
I’m respecting the code
It wasn’t love
What you thought?
I was Mickey? Remy? Speedy?
I’m from TFSS, 12 is the hallway
Hopping off a 3-way to hopping on a BA
Silence on the caption
I’m dropping to the freeway
I turned off all of the notifications for the Gram
‘Cause I don’t wanna hear you n***** talk
Don’t wanna see your shorty twerking, working ’round the clock
How you smiled to the bank, took a loan out for the floss
Get your teeth right
Posers get framed
One shot, make you cheese right
Codeine, o.d, right eye
Now you lean right
Call up OT full steam
Get the team right
Pattern, hustle
And I been going work
Had to focus to learn
I quite rolling the herb
I’ve been chopping the Word
Never pop me a perk
From the block to the curb
But we still in the league
And now she copping a Birkin
She working all for her serving
Swerving, she earned it off of her curves
She urban, a serpent up from the dirt, and
You want that new forbidden fruit
(Oh my, oh my God)
It’s difficult when you speaking the truth
It’s easier when they beefing with you
Lime-lightning, you Pickachu
Cool with taking shots ’til the reticle peeking at you
I’m level headed, heavy vetted
I can’t take the bus
She just wanna buss it down
I’m just trying not to buss
She my headache, my head rush
One eye, one look, concuss
No trust
I can’t let you get the best of me
Girly on the phone, I heard her giving out the Nestle
Now she pressing me
For the ring and the recipe
Baby stay down
Please don’t get to testing me again
I ain’t saying that I’m perfect ’cause I ain’t
No I wouldn’t hit a stain
I’d still blow out your brain
And I wouldn’t feel a thing
If you threatening the team
Latest issue of my favourite magazine
I just want to take you places, places
Girl I wanna take you places
Where we ain’t gotta worry bout the cases, cases
Girl I want to take you places
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