Conway the Machine – Chanel Pearls Lyrics

Chanel Pearls Lyrics by Conway the Machine & Jill Scott

Yeah, let me see that lighter

Cuttin’ through in the Rolls
Draco on the seat, I hope I’m makin’ it home
Head on a swivel, I always stay on my toes
The ones you love most wanna know what your safe really hold
No morals in the streets now, n***** breakin’ the code
Smoke a blunt of pressure, this fame is takin’ it’s toll
I’m thankful ain’t no shows, I need a break from the road
Put n***** in position, they still ungrateful, it shows
It’s fuckin’ up my energy, shit is makin’ me cold
My life a series of drama just like them HBO shows
When I die, I’m goin’ out like the pharaoh, drape me in gold
I’m still gon’ run this shit until I’m eighty years old
They realizin’ lately, I’m the one that’s been takin’ control
Private table, car-bones when we leave Miami Beach
And I brought sand to beach, your kiss taste like a can of peaches
You got that shit on you, killin’ them, that’s just saying the least
You about to get away with murder, you my Annalise
Got you the bust down Carti’, that’s thirty bands at least
Chanel pearls, Chanel bag hold that Lambo key
You always held me down, you knew me back when I ran the streets
Back when if you want some weight, then I was the man to see
Back when I was trappin’ with a scale and some paraphernalia
Now when I’m buyin’ drip, I get measured and tailored
My accomplishments, some of my day ones never was there for
I just realized they feel like my success is their failure
You wanna be a boss, you be resilient when pressure gon’ build up
Some n***** gon’ have issues with you and never gon’ tell you

We fill the Buffalo night skies with our minds and sativa
I was ya lady, ya confidant, ya sugar thighs, ya sole believer, I know you
So I never tripped, fuck the little girls that you hit
Waiting for the change they might get, they wanted that highlight
From all the monster stones that you chipped
Or the little baggies you bagged
And all the corners you sit
Intense, some would call it symbiotic
Different, and every part is simple and tense

Why I fuck with you most was the you that I get
It was the rhymes that you spit, your confidence in the dick
Why we stay close, we wasn’t monolithic
My lane taught you some game, you got me nice with the blick
And that apartment on May street
You played Wu & Ella Fitzgerald
I read Niche, you let me sleep
Woke me up with a big ass smile to eat some pussy
More than close, more than kinky
More than blood, I know you feel me

Even in the Taliban
Pen in our hands, lyrical artisan
You’ll never know the whole plan
You’ll never know
Even in the Taliban
A pen in our hands, lyrical artisan
You’ll never know the whole plan
You’ll never know

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