Doe Boy – ONNA HOOD Lyrics

ONNA HOOD Lyrics by Doe Boy (feat. Babyface Ray)

How you do them?
Doe Beezy
Nigga, pay me though
Oh, I thought I heard a fake rapper sayin’ some
Hood nigga, make the track hawk like a Lamb truck

Nigga, say he want the smoke until you really bring the drama
I walk in, you see that .40, now I don’t mean Balenciaga’s
I ain’t tryna be your friend, I’m tryna fuck your baby mama (Who?)
I rolled in like 50 Bentleys, but I shot like 50 Hondas (Boom, boom, boom, boom)
Used to be the plug ’til I took ’em down
I don’t give a fuck, I’ma buss if I pull it out (Boom, boom)
Pussy better run, you see us with the hoodies out
Ice was ‘posed to make me cooler now, pop a pill, fuck it, I’ma Booda now
Nigga play, I let it go, never snitch you better know
Ain’t it crazy how my money talk? But it never folds (It crazy)
Sniper peekin’ through the scope, fuck it, go run through the door
I got all this Gucci, think my closet smokin’ Pookie Lo (Oh, really?)
You ain’t got your own go, pussy boy, who tool is that?
Ran up in your trap and took your shit and you was cool with that (Pussy)
I really think I’m trippin’ still ain’t see me at the foo yet (Foo)
Young nigga, I was stealin’ all my teachers school desk (Doe Beezy)
My young nigga never lacked the glizzy in his school desk
I be geeked up, but never be a teacher school pet (Woo)
Dior on my body, I put ice all on the crew neck
They said they was fuckin’ with the gang, shoo, who crew is that?(Oh really?)

Closet like ’em all night (Mm, hmm)
Foreign lock, crawled out (What?)
Chrome Heart, drug appeals (What?)
You ain’t even drug, how? (Mm, hmm)
Smoke the Weed, runnin’ lights
Screamin’, “Fuck the laws” huh (Fuck ’em)
Movin’ like I’m Tommy Buns, we will take your town down (Yes, sir)
Got it on a beam with me, I ain’t never seen niggas
Doctor Pepper, Cream Soda, I just put some lean on it
I don’t even know what these is, these Japanese denims
Put ’em on for a test run, I’ma tryna put some G’s in it (How much?)
I’ma toxicnese, drugs I’ll be mixin’ (Drugs I’ll be mixin’)
Fuck around, I’ma kill you, say she want a picture (Say she want a picture)
Do her hair, send a track with me, I think she wanna lick me (Come on)
60 racks up, blues on me, long live Nipsey (Long live Nipsey)
Nah, I ain’t crippin’, nah, I ain’t blood
Just a thug nigga, raised with drug dealers
Killers in the club with us, better be cool (Yeah)
Niggas, niggas doin’ it for clout, you could make the news (Boy)
I was workin’ overtime, I ain’t have any room (Huh)
Cop three times, then ’round us, how you make the move? (How you make the move?)
Long live free gang up, let a freak put my chain on
Let the gang run the train up, let a grammy get a bankroll
Flex up on me, face keep goin’
Top drive back, AC on
Throw ten racks, play these songs
Percocet’s, fuck, we gone (Fuck me, girl)
Get a check (Yeah), fuck these hoes
Goin’ for it, four free long (Yeah)
Touchdown dance some, way we gon’ stand on it
Pop a rubber bands on it, now I got her friends comin’ (Yeah)
On-on a hood, nigga pay me when you land on it
Oh, I thought I heard a fake rapper sayin’ some
Hood nigga, make the track hawk like a Lamb truck
Way before Corona, I had the mask on (Nigga)

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