EARTHGANG – Billi Lyrics

Billi Lyrics by EARTHGANG (feat. Future)

So I’m fucked up
Geeked up
Leaning like a tree trunk
I just dropped the blunt
Doing jumps
Off a speed bump
I don’t keep no girl
But they just show up when I need one
Baby give me life
Like its night at the museum
All about my freedom
N**** fuck your ego
Tryna move the people
Tryna Catch a threesome
You think we competing our goals is different
I told you n*****
I could never be happy with millions
At least ten figures

I need a Billi (a Billi)
A Billi (a Billi)
A Billi (a Billi)
A Billi (really)
A Billi (a Billi)
A Billi (a Billi)
A Billi (a Billi)
Really (a Billi)

Read a lot of books so my bank account woke,
bitch up 24/7 that ain’t no joke,
imma get money long as grass still grow
cause it’s hard be a n****, it’s worst being poor.
I spend thousands every week.
Man I gotta make sure my people eat.
I don’t buried soldiers from the 4, ball out for my nights from the 3.
You got a milli man I want a Billi man I want trilli man I want some more, I’m buying my hood up.
I got like 25 streams of income and they on Heavy flow.
Grew up with homes all in my clothes,
shopping at Burlington looking for coats,
n***** back then had a whole lot of jokes,
fast forward 10 now I’m flipping off boats.
Wheew, let me slow it down a bit,
flip the coins like bit,
true story my first advance, lot of ones went to strippers,
still a west side n****,
even though I rock the turban,
bag lady in the back ground, count it up cause I want a Billi

I need a Billi (a Billi)
A Billi (a Billi)
A Billi (a Billi)
A Billi (really)
A Billi (a Billi)
A Billi (a Billi)
A Billi (a Billi)
Really (a Billi)

I feel like a god on this earth lil n***a
I can tell you slow up on these perks lil n***a
Bad bitch you can’t put a big Berk lil n***a
Mad rich and that get you murked lil n***a
I was in the field with all the junkies and the scammers
Gucci had the tote on like I got on my pajamas
I put on my chains on and I get ghost on all my bitches
I get on that drank and she wanna sip my cup now
Ridin with my iffany in my hand got my top down
Countin money I’m firing up with a blunt while they block gettin mopped down
Ain’t got no time to be explaining to bitch night
I get up when I get there ain’t stopping at no red light
Came out the bando with them junkies and zombies
Anytime a n***a know to go to that church its a Monday
Heard about a murder no we don’t know nothin
I be posted up with them demons where you find me at?
Hold up

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