Erin Rae – Can’t See Stars Lyrics

Can’t See Stars Lyrics by Erin Rae (feat. Kevin Morby)

Well, I ain’t seen stars
In a million moons
Cause of that light pollution
If they think of a solution I
Hope they let us know

So I drive out to
That further place
Where there are no interruptions
Just me alone
Just me beneath
An old familiar glow

Can’t see stars
Can’t see stars

And a manmade light
Fills up the street
From sills of every window
So we might take for granted now
The miracle of day

Ain’t that human nature
Just to marvel in its power
Just because it can
don’t mean
It ought to be that way

Can’t see stars
Can’t see stars

I spoke until
I drew in near
A thousand other voices
But among the murmuration found
I could not hear my own

Funny, you would think
It would be cause for celebration
Lately, though, I’m finding I
Prefer to be alone

Can’t see stars
Can’t see stars
Can’t see stars
Can’t See stars


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