Grip – Emo Stick Lyrics

Grip is the best, PERIOD, got more flows than **** on a monthly
My kicks cost like 4 o’s the soles on em chunky
Gotta tote poles my foes wanna skunk me
**** **** so fat, I had to stand up on my toes for the donkey
Shout out Jid I did snubnose in a whole nother country
Before that, I only did shows when my bro’s them would pump me
Fast forward I’m on a roll feelin comfy
I say all that to say, don’t bust a uey just cause the roads a lil bumpy
Read an article that cited my peers as influences
Had me laughing in tears my **** I been doing this
Move **** get out the way, my pen ludicrous
Back for the 1st time ya best raps can’t match wit my worst rhymes
Product of licks and juggs and poverty stricken hoods a brick of good’ll help you just like a lottery ticket would
Lames claim they sold cocaine in busted sneakers still let’s be for real
You ain’t eat a decent meal til u inked a deal
Went and bought some si diamonds witcha advance money
I was like lemme see yo chain bruh, **** damn near ran from me
A local throwin jabs but **** I know this **** lame
What your shit flopped so now u gotta troll to get a name?
Better than who, boy your moment was over when it came
See the lows that **** stoop to for exposure in this game
Drop a album, my **** don’t rap to me from ya Honda
You think that’s some **** that I’m actually gon respond to
I done conjured plans to hold the rap game for ransom
Just lost money in a crap game n threw a tantrum
Rappers say ima handful the **** say I’m handsome
Melanin skin, devilish grin, that’s Ruth’s grandson
My mom want me to go back to relationships I ran from
But all I see is green, txt message from a Samsung
You couldn’t step a foot in the places me and my man’s hung
Middle fingers up this the anthem

Don’t start no **** won’t be no ****
Choppa sing ya a sad song dats a emo stick
Da flows is Covid **** couldn’t be mo sick
I done hit, I can’t g-o til my amigos rich

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