Qveen Herby – Good Morning Lyrics

Good morning, your highness (good morning, good morning, good morning)
It’s another gorgeous day
Another new beginning (beginning, beginning, beginning)
I’ve prepared your spiritual breakfast and hot beverage
While you slept, your cells restored all the organs in your body
And your systems to their full capacity
(Full capacity, full capacity, full capacity)
So sit up, take a deep breath of golden light
A gift from the universe
And bless yourself
With the vibration you need
To meet this day (to meet this day, to meet this day)
You are tuned in and turned on
To who you really are
You have a unique and important purpose
A mission your soul has come here
To discover (to discover, to discover, to discover)
It’s another day of the adventure
With every day you’ve already completed
In an eternal journey that has brought you here
To this present moment
So let’s honour it
By taking nine breaths and leaning in to each word
While we exhale
Breathe in
Pause at the bottom of the breath
And feel the magical life force
Moving through your limbs
Yes (yes, yes, yes)
You are blessed
Today is a great day

Today, the value of my thoughts determines how I feel
If I catch myself thinking negatively
I know it’s only leftovers from the old me
Filtering out the programs I no longer need
I have a magical vortex full of things that I desire
And I’m actively manifesting
I allow new ideas to flow to me directly from the universe
Along with abundance which flows easily
The more I acknowledge my gratitude
For things I already have
I am tuning myself to the frequency
Of my own greatness (greatness, greatness, greatness)
Of course challenges are going to show up
Because I’m picking up momentum now
Moving forward on my path
When I encounter something that doesn’t feel good
I will simply notice it, watch it
Remember to breathe
And say thank you to my guiding system
That allows me to adjust, pivot
And upgrade further
I’m clarifying what I want
And what will bring me the most joy
I’m surprised to find the outcome is often something better
Than I could even imagine for myself
I really am that bitch (that bitch, that bitch)
My vibration is a magnet
Attracting and pulling blessings into my life
All I have to do is be a vibrational match to what I want
Find the feeling of already having it
And hold
I’m so grateful to be an extension of God
To know my purpose
Which may not be perfectly clear today
But is absolutely already mine (mine, mine)
I enjoy this journey
Feeling impulses from what I’m ready for
Staying present
And loose


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