Rob49 – KRAZYMAN Lyrics

Yeah, why they choose to act like we ain’t wit it
Fuck what n***** say, I run my city
Millionaire still in the trenches
I took a loss before but I got busy
And jump back in the trap like it ain’t happen
My whole hood know a n**** reckless
Flew her out for one day, on God, I ain’t give her nothing
Fuck it thot, it’s first night, on God, all I did was slut her
Throw them Vs up till I freeze up
Go cray ’bout my brother
I know I fuck n***** hoes how the fuck am I gon’ trust ’em
Yeah, vulture see that roll that weed up bitches leaches
Yeah, she a eater, nasty hoe who take it easy
Yeah, savage in my blood shed I hope n***** see it
Bro don’t give no fucks, give n***** in front they people
Buy her a whip she want just ’cause that pussy fiji
Yeah, trapping like a trap start kick her out in yeezys
Yeah, M.I.A. with choppas, see me when you see me
Love my bitch to death, she dark, I call her Reeses
Fuck you n***** think, you hear that choppa ringing
Yeah, I don’t touch my profits till I make a payment
Yeah, she know I’m a savage, she wanna have a baby
Yeah, bitch know I’m a vulture, I ain’t no fucking raven

Yeah, bro, don’t catch no feelings, all he caught was cases
My new whip matt black, the rebel think I’m racist
Yeah, I treat dimes like nickels, my new bitch from Haiti
Smoking on some good gas, label think I’m racing
Yeah, watch them killas brothas like he came in navy
Yeah, I ain’t got no choice I feel like my haters made me
Yeah, bitch I’m from New Orleans like I’m Wayne n baby
L.A. with the Lakers, you get killed for fakin’
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