Samora Pinderhughes – Masculinity Lyrics

Masculinity Lyrics by Samora Pinderhughes (feat. Immanuel Wilkins)

Young man, come down from that tower
It isn’t yet your time
I’ll tell you 5 years later,
you made it out alive

Blame games gon’ lead to that pill – for real
It’s such a thrill,
You might get lost in the darkness …

I’m sensing so much anger,
where do you put it all?
You made best friends with danger,
it lives inside your walls

Someone’s catching it tonight, You lose your pride
You let it rain down on ‘em
And show you’re heartless

Cause you’re a man
It’s what you do
And it don’t matter
What you been through
Yea you’re a weapon
Yea you’re a gun
You ain’t no father
You ain’t no son
You might be canvas
You might be paint
Just hide the damage
It fade away
Yea you’re a menace
Play out your role
And loop the record
And lose –

On the count of 3,
Am I gonna hurt somebody
If I feel these things
is it gonna hurt me ?

On the count of 3,
I can hear my heart, it’s running
If I let it sing/sting,

will it just erase me ?



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