24Lik & 392 Lil Head – My Chart Lyrics

N***a I ain’t tryna fight, this a stick up,
Ice on in the opps hood, I ain’t got s**t tucked,
I ain’t wanna do the feature cause that s**t suck,
I’m tryna drop two fives, like ten bucks,
I’ll be there in five but I’m on the six,
I just left bar seven h*es was on my d**k,
If you let an opp f**k, I don’t wanna hit,
I got my deal now I’m back on that other s**t,
I just got back to the city bought a striker,
My opps ain’t gon’ never get a win like the Lions,
Nobody feel that s**t you rappin’ cause you lyin’,
That n***a was screamin’ first to shoot now he silent

In the A, I just threw a dub at Diamond’s,
Caught a opp left him on the mat like he Ryan,
I’m sellin’ blues sippin’ red could’ve played for the Giants,
If I told you that I love you then b***h I was lyin’,
But I just f**ked a bad b***h listenin’ to Tay B,
She blew a n***a head off like JF Kenneddy,
Smoove a Rollin 40 but I made 60 off a PPP,
She cute as hell but she be givin’ out STDs,
Like a n***a that ain’t had no pussy boy I’m tryna hit sum,
When my n***as in that field they tryna blitz sum,
N***a say they gon’ ride on me this b***h ah lift sum,
Ain’t no beam on the glock cause I don’t miss nun

Semaj trippin’ this n***a addin’ jacks to my cart.
I ain’t f**kin raw unless you let me see your MyChart,
Me and my squad got next this ain’t MyPark

Big Two Four sh-

Man you trippin’ this is my part!

My n***a snow a real n***a told his Mama how to jugg,
They could give me 50 M’s Ima still be in the hood,
Post up with my ice on and I wish a n***a would,
I fired in your b***h mouth like a f**kin Backwood

She say she gon’ let me f**k but not Izzo,
B***h please! I just bust in this b***h eye call her big T,
When I’m out this choppa help me clear the air, like I’m Big Key,
I got dough boy but I ain’t cashin’ out, I ain’t big Quis

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