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Actor, comedian and musician Adam Sandler was a member of the Saturday Night Live crew. The star of such films as "Love Knocking Down" and "The Wedding Singer".

Career start

Adam was born on September 9, 1966 in New York. Raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, in a family where he was one of seven children. Sandler has always been a class clown, but never considered a career as a comedian until the age of 17, until his brother pushed him to perform at the Boston Comedian Club.

Sandler continued to perform even after he moved from Boston to New York to study at New York University. After graduating from high school, he began to appear frequently in the MTV show "Remote Access". In 1989, he starred in his first film, All Overboard.

        Later, Dennis Miller noticed him and invited him to the show Saturday Night Live, which aired from 1990 to 1995. It was on the show that Sandler came up with his characters: the Cajun guy, the opera guy, the army store boy scout.

Debut in a big movie

Throughout the nineties, Sandler made his fans laugh, even despite his youthful antics, which were sometimes obscene. In 1995, he played in the film "Billy Madison", which was his first "adult" role. After that, there were many films: "Lucky Gilmore" in 1996, "The Wedding Singer" where he starred with Drew Barrymore, "Mama's Boy" in 1998, "Big Daddy" in 1999 and "Nikki the Devil Jr" in 2000.

In 2002, along with Winona Ryder, Sandler starred in Reluctant Millionaire, as well as in the film Overwhelming Love with Emily Watson. In 2003, he starred with Jack Nicholson in the hit film Anger Management. In 2004, Sandler met Barrymore on set again, this time in 50 First Dates, which was a huge box office hit. Leaving comedies for drama, in 2004 Sandler starred in the tragicomedy Spanish English. In the film, he plays a husband who has problems with his wife (Tea Leoni) and starts a relationship with a housekeeper (Paz Vega).

Dramatic roles

Sandler continued his acting path from comedies to more serious things, so, in 2005, in a remake of the 1974 comedy All or Nothing, he played a prisoner who organizes a football match between prisoners and guards. The role was created by Burt Reynolds. Reynolds also appeared in the remake along with comedian Chris Rock and singer Nelly. In 2006, Sandler plays the role of an architect in Click, Remote for Life, who finds a remote to control his life. And in 2007, in the film "The Deserted City", he tries on the role of a man who lost his family in the tragedy of September 11, 2001. After a chance encounter with an old acquaintance (Don Cheadle), Sandler's character begins to rebuild his shattered life. The magazine "Variety" even appeared positive reviews,

Back to comedy

Returning to his foul comedies that made him famous, Sandler produced and starred in Chuck & Larry: Fire Wedding, where he played a straight firefighter who pretends to be gay for a widowed colleague (Kevin James), so that he can receive benefits for himself and his children, which are provided if both spouses are of the same sex.

In 2008, in his next film, You Don't Mess with the Zohan, Sandler played the role of an Israeli Marine who fakes his death for the sake of dreaming of moving to the United States and becoming a hairdresser there. He also acted as a producer and screenwriter of the film.

Continuing to work behind the scenes, in 2008 Sandler produced the sorority comedy The Boys Like It, starring actress Anna Faris. In the next film, Bedtime Stories, also in 2008, Sandler played an uncle who tells his nephew and niece bedtime stories, which suddenly come true. Keri Russell also starred as Sandler's lover in the film, with Teresa Palmer, Guy Pearce, Lucy Lawless, and Russell Brand playing other roles in the film. Sandler also starred in the comedy Funny People, directed by Judd Apatow.

In 2010, the audience well received the film "Classmates", where Sandler starred with Salma Hayek, Kevin James and Chris Rock. He also acted as a screenwriter for the film. Apparently, Sandler was completely immune to criticism, as his next film made $26 million in its first week alone. And this despite the fact that many critics spoke negatively about the film. And the following year, Sandler voiced the character from the cartoon Monsters on Vacation.

        Not just acting

In addition to his acting career, Sandler has recorded several comedy music albums. The first was the Grammy-nominated "They're All Gonna Laugh At You" in 1993, which became an instant hit and gained a fan following among young people for its lewd songs and sketches. And in 2004 his last album “Shhh . . . Don't Tell ”(Quiet ... shut up).

Sandler has been married to actress Jackie Titone since 2003. The couple has two daughters: Sadie and Sunny (a play on words - literally, Sad and Cheerful).

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