Asher Roth & Heather Grey – 12th Night (Bare Naked) Lyrics

Disobedience mean freedom, be dumb
Easier than being vegan
At least no freer than a threesome, pre-come
Feel like my feelings been on recon
See something, say something, get it on a Nikon
Sweeter than a pecan, this life is
But when I’m beat down and lifeless, that’s just some life shit
Can’t believe it was the white kids
That be stealing like a fiend while they leaning off the nitrous
This life make me cry like a Pisces
But sometimes a cry be the nicest
Precise as The Price Is Right
When I stayed home ’cause I’d fake sick, totally wasted
Gracious, well-aware of Matrix or makeshift charade
Some would say that’s that fake shit
But it pays, kid, but only like a Naismith
Player of the year, got game, but his grades slipped
Stayed for the grave shift
Brain went against the grain, so the grain snitched
Brain’s swift, but it’s basic
Sugar, sugar, sugar, bare naked
It’s been one week since I made peace
Steak frites on Main Street, beat stage three
But some of us can’t shake these demons in our atri-
Um, face be numb
Hate breeds like rabbits outta wedlock
Habits are now deadstock, status in a headlock
Does it end when the lead pops?
I dread, instead of meds, try traveling to the Red Rocks
I read somewhere, or someone said in a Ted Talk
That if your tread’s lost you should get a dog
Either that or a kid, I kid
Hope you don’t need another life to learn how to live
I battle with the cataclysmic, outer-physic
Data-driven pattern-less ladders to nothing matters-ness
“I’m just sad,” says the tattered kid
Since Saturn returned shattered my Earth with more bad eclipses
That he risks, more reward
Oh sure, of course, as if the sword needs more allure
Through the door’s the only way out, stay out
It’s day out, so why’s it so grey out?

So why’s it so grey out? (So why’s it so grey out?)
So why’s it so grey out? (Grey out)
So why’s it so grey out? (So why’s it so grey out?)
Grey out— Grey out
So why’s it so grey out?

So why’s it so grey out?


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