Big Boogie – Paralyzed Transportation Lyrics

Mhmm mhmmm mhmmm
GLRDDDDDD BigDude, BigDude
CMG, mhmmm mhmm R4L
GLRDDDDDD Mu mu murda
How you question how I love for you
Why you talked about me bad and I had love for you
You stepped on all my respect I use to fuck with you
You knew I had some bitches but I was inlove with you
You blaming me for your mistakes , like I confronted you
I ain’t never question your eyesight I was in front of you
Friends undercover in my business they all under you
Speaking on the next person business ain’t what no woman do
I know you was blind in your blessing, I was in front of you
But I still love you from a distance that’s what humble do
I don’t got to touch my haters , God the one gone punish you
I wake up rich everyday but still ain’t comfortable mhmmm
Don’t tell me for life and you gone give up
Don’t laugh in my face if I need you
Family not the same , but they still reachful
Big house in Atlanta it’s so peaceful
If you meet a good heart don’t switch up on them folks
Don’t fall out about no bitch , if that’s your bro then fuck the hoe
If she loyal , show her off that girl your bitch not your hoe
If she flirting she fucking, can’t match no wife up with no hoe
Just bought some watches no faucet I watered both of them
If you don’t like boogie , not tripping I bought some more guns
Met 2 snakes they fake but it’s fuck them I cut off both of them
BigDude pudge in my stomach I keep your hoe warm
Kj and huncho both of them my artist , I blew up both of them
Both of them loyal they got a dream I’m going broke for them
Just bought me a Tesla and stingray I’m spinning both of them ( skrtttt , skrttt)
Rudeboy he was locked up for murder , he didn’t mean no harm flrddd
I lost 3 people that left some pain on me
Vvs diamonds I made it rain on me
Letter to my n***** please don’t change on me
Killing all these rappers that’s a shame on me
If you believe in God, put your hands up
If you went against me , we can’t shake up
Police killing people with they hands up
I beat my murder case and ran my bands up
Mhmmm mhmmm mhmm mhmm
Mhmmm hmmm mhmmm mhmm
Mhmmm hmm hmm mhmmmm
Mhmm mhmmm BigDude
If we got some opps we can slide first
Whoever they send out he gone die first
Bitches ain’t shit , they gone lie first
Before I show you love is you gone ride first
If I call you and I need you I’m in trouble would you run for a n**** ( would you run for me )
If I’m crying in my feelings and I need you would you come for a n**** ( would you come for me ) oooooo

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