Big Boogie – Respect Ya Elders Lyrics

Mike watch this
BigDude ( only one of them )
See they gone respect me one way or the other ( believe that )
Beat starts * GLRDDDDDD GLRDDDDDD Mhmmm Mhmmm Mhmmm
See I’m that n**** I’m not in the mix with no n**** you heard me
I stay with my n***** and my n***** only
You be in the mix you die , you heard me
Hmmm hmmm mhmmm
Let me talk my shit though you heard me
Let me tell you how I came from nothing
I use to wake up everyday and try to pray for something
I feel like I was in jail but I wasn’t facing nothing
They ask me why I’m so humble , cause I can wait for something
I’m on tour all the way to may , so ain’t no breaks for nothing
Can’t be laid up with no bitch cause I’m not making nothing
How many robbers you can trust if they ain’t taking something
Don’t speak on sliding with no dracs if you ain’t quaking nothing
See all my n***** really close to me , my brothers need me I’m coming that’s how it supposed to be
Don’t speak on wacks if you know it , never expose to be
This life I’m living good but bad cause they notice me
They paying them for protection but im gone blow for free
Don’t give a fuck who don’t like me , the world loving me
These n***** argue with they bitches cause they a vote for me
They can talk they ass off but they can’t fuck with me GLRDDDDDD
I got haters want to be to me
No disrespect if you a rapper you got to see me
I’m gone put that shit on everytime that they see me
If you a gangster, show your momma that you on tv
Put your n***** on , quarterback give ‘em TD
Let them see the world , let them shine tell them repeat
Take care of your family show your uncles , now you they og
Pass a lot of n***** that was rapping way before me
If you think I’m sour you tripping you must don’t know me
Main n**** that’s gangster on the internet be the police
Shawty said she want to love on me I told her show me
I ain’t never solo in Memphis I’m more than 4 deep
Rappers conversate about boogie he overgrowed me
Private life n**** , girl if we fucking you can’t post me
I hate people that act like they family don’t even know me
since I got signed CMG n***** calling me they brodies
Everything I buy with my money it be my trophy
I’m 25 years old I ain’t never ran from no n**** walking , you heard me talk your shit boog
I’m talking about rich as fuck n**** big house 14 cars fuck you mean ( Umhuh)
N**** I’m talking about I got 2 artists both of them rich n**** ( kj and huncho)
Momma good , daughter good n**** and them choppas gone understood n****
Sliding through the city hellcat , with them tags off
Lil bruh walk em down , mask on blow your ass off
If you hear that roaring mean I’m close that’s that trackhawk
Any state I’m thugging with that ricky , blow your back off
If he ever snitch he a rapper , aye cut that rat off
I don’t drink liquor but i pop open bottles shook the cap off
Talk that shit and blow your ass off , GLRDDDDDD
Yeah I’m rich mask off n****
Moral of the story of this song respect your elders
That’s me , BigDude

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