Big Boogie – Stingray Lyrics

Bitch I’m BigDude and they know that ( big boog)
Ain’t shit normal over here baby don’t make me show that
Bitch I had talent before the deal Frazyer know that (know that)
They just wanna blemish a n**** cause they ain’t focus (fuck em)
Telsa bumping Kodak big blunts don’t do roaches
Corvette rich as offset I got shit out ain’t flossed yet
Daughter rich as fuck she just turned 2 Raya can’t talk yet
Track hawk on some forges but fuck it I just ain’t bought yet (Vrooom)
Sliding in that string Ray Vroom Vroom, Sting Ray vroom vroom
Sting Ray vroom vroom, sting ray 30 cash sting ray (come see me)
Sting ray (bitch boy) shark the water Glrrrddd
I can’t drive in water but this a wide body fish (Aawhaa)
Backwood in this two door this a wide fried fish
Big murder for life I bet you die about it bitch (murder)
I can drop my top you still can’t slide by me bitch ( top off)
Pop out gang bitch you know we pop out like raccoons (pop out)
Pussy pink show that monkey shawty shit bamboom (Oouu)
You can’t fit in here my shit sit low I don’t got room (room)
Try me anywhere life support you go see balloons (Glrrrddd)
Spin up in that bitch, sit up in that bitch (stand up)
Pull off in my shit you gone get hit up in that bitch (Gllrrd)
All my jewelry on me bitch I’m lit up in that bitch (ice)
Pull up on my bitch she gone lick dick up in this bitch (aaah)
Switch my cars with Tayvo that’s my jit up in that car (bruh bruh)
Don’t pull up beside me swerving please don’t hit this car (pleeaase)
If you try to hit and run on Q you won’t get far
Saw my ex I stopped and hit the gas that bitch said raaarw
Sliding in that sting Ray (bitch boy) Sting ray vroom vroom
Sting Ray vroom vroom, Sting ray 30 cash
Sting Ray come see me, Sting ray (race me)
Sting Ray (Shark the water) sting ray (Glrrrddd) Big dude
Sting Ray (pop out pop out) This that sting ray spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin,spin,
Spin, spin, spin, spin,spin, pop out gang bitch,

Pop out gang bitch, pop out gang bitch,
Pop out gang bitch, Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin,spin, spin, Glrrrddd
Pop out gang bitch, pop out gang bitch, pop out gang bitch
Pop out gang bitch (Glrrrddd) spin, spin, spin,
Spin, spin, spin,this that sting ray (Glrrrd) This that sting Ray Murder Murder (Glrrdd)
This that sting Ray Murder Murder (Glrrdd)
I got sting ray Murder Murder (Glrddd)
30 cash sting ray Murder Murder (murder murder)
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