Big Boogie – Topic Lyrics

Mmmm I’m BigDude, BigDude (Glrrddd) Mmmm
I’m the young N**** that get all the love
I’m the young that don’t give a fuck
I’m the young n**** that came out the mud my N***** thugging
They know all the cuts,big dawg boog don’t fuck with the mutts
Bad bitch toxic I’m in her guts (aah) CMG N****
I’m fucking shit up bitches didn’t want me I had to grow up
Lean and shit in my cup rich N**** I ain’t never had nothing
24 turn nothing to something black choppas they ain’t swinging for nothing
Family good I ain’t rapping for nothing
My N***** good I ain’t trapping for nothing
Bitches be sour they capping for nothing N***** ain’t shooters
They asking for guns, BigDude how you do that (how)
VVS diamonds booget (ice) 300k on my neck (ice)
Polices they heated they ain’t catching Evette
Lil momma tripping she know how I get cut the bitch off
I ain’t wanna do that you leave you gone so stay where you at
BigDude baby I keep a new bitch (Flrddd) bitch I’m a leader I don’t follow
If I send my demons you won’t see tomorrow (Flrrdd)
Bitch I’m light dim stepping these some Prada’s (these some Prada’s)
Bad bitch with me now in stilettos, diamonds like a pool
Choppas switchy roo haters think we cool who the fuck are you (you) High as bird high as a kite (aahaa) this that woot ta woot (aha)
Choppas shoot left choppas shoot right (Fllrdd) Mmmm
And I’m a rich ass N**** (rich ass N****) dont kick it with bitch ass N***** (bitch ass N*****)
These N***** get in they feelings about bitches
Kissing a bitch ass N**** (bitch ass N**** ) How you gone hate on a N**** that’s golden
Boy you a bitch ass N**** (bitch ass N**** )
Boy you a sissy ass N**** (sissy ass N****)
Never exist ass N**** (bitch ass N**** ) Choppas shoot everywhere in this place
Murr murr murder(Flrrdd) murr murr murder (Flrrrdd)We don’t aim for waist we hit yo face
Murr murr murder (Flrrrd) murr murr, murder (Flrrrd)
Choppas make babies that can’t place (Flrrdd Flrrdd) bullets fertile Bullets fertile, bend her over put it to her waist
Imma hurt her (aaah) imma hurt her (aaaah)
Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmm mmmm Flrrrdd

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