Coast Contra – My Lady Lyrics

My Lady Lyrics by Coast Contra (feat. Kateel)

I like ’em thick, round, plump
I like ’em chubblacka-boom
You got me speechless or somethin’
The way we come from the womb
I’ve been the sun of the moon
I gravitate ’round stars
I’ll reach your galaxy soon
What’s universal language for love?
We need that shit
Somebody teach me that shit
We need to breed that shit
We need to feel that shit
We need to see that shit
It’s not enough in this world
Somebody preach that shit

She get me high with a smile
But truth be told, my n****, we be burnin’ it down
Sipping wine, spending time while we play some Ginuwine
You are one of a kind and I’m one in a lifetime
Killing it from the heart, my handwriting a lifeline
They tryna keep us apart, but I’ma free ya mind before I get the keys to your heart (Sí)
Please believe me, babygirl, because I’ve talked to the Lord
You can have it all, but I can’t afford to not record
Mi amor hagamos el amor encima todo los planetas
Never listen to what they say ’cause they don’t know better
Loosen the glass slippers off ya foot ’cause you ain’t Cinderella
I can have you gone ’til next September, far from a pretender
Rise like the sunrise falling on the moon
From the womb to the tomb, uh, this is how we groove
Nothin’ fuckin’ up the mood, this is how we do, yeah, yeah

Cell phone on vibration
Might just send the wrong vibration
Texting get too messy, we can talk about it
Pinot grigio-holic
I’m just playin’, one glass of wine’ll be fine
Light up the mood, lighten up, come on, free your mind
You way too grown and confident to
Be that cute and not wanna dance, ooh
The way you move, I like that shit, yeah
No disrespect, but you my bitch, yeah
Ain’t gotta fight that shit, yeah
The feeling you give me, I feel like it’s hella needed
I talk that shit
Heard you lookin’ for the vibe, I brought that shit
Twinkle, sparkle in your eyes, I caught that shit
Rollin’ with me, we can glide right off that cliff
Fall in love if it’s love

Baby girl, you be actin’ shy, why you hidin’?
When I look into your pretty eyes, frozen eyelids
Your pics getting thicker, send the thighs, appetizing
I’m thinking ’bout you, you been on my mind, hypnotizing
Been swimmin’ in these thoughts, tryna dive, baptize me
Ooh, you fine, how’d you find me?
You gon’ be mine, perfect timing
Girl, do you mind my touch? I’m asking kindly

I hope you don’t mind me digging your intellect
I want you to be mine, I’m telling you, I’m obsessed
I look you in your eyes and I feel a vibe, we connect
And I promise I will confess if you put me under arrest
Cop you what you want, but that type of shit don’t impress
A woman of your stature, you see, you naturally flex
With big smiles, let’s have us a good time
And maybe by the end of the night, we just might have sex

Y’all got me out here
On the track, I don’t even mess with none of you n*****
Talkin’ ’bout I’m your lady
And I got a man

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