Fenix Flexin – Fire Drill Lyrics

Fire Drill Lyrics by Fenix Flexin (feat. Louda Lou)

(808 Kartel, n****)
Came with Louda Lou, n****, who is you?
(DJ Flippp, make that money flip)
Keep it cool

Captain Save-a-Ho, he heroic (Bitch)
He just bought it for the gram, he don’t tote it (He don’t tote it)
N****, why you moving with no motive? (With no motive)
I ain’t fucking with these n*****, boy, they bogus (Boy, they bogus)
She just pulled it out my pants, she wanna hold it (Ayy, ayy)
F&N hit him in the head and it exploded (Brrt)
Probably somewhere on the road with a ho bitch (With a ho bitch)
Ain’t no Pillsbury, but a n**** getting dough, bitch (Getting dough)
If you talking ’bout the city, n****, we control it (We control it)
We them n***** with the bag if you ain’t notice (Got that bag on me)
And we riding with them yeekers, call them DeJ Loafing (Yeekers)
We’ll park his n**** whip, left the brakes smoking (Brrt)
Ayy, n****, on my mama though (On my mama though)
It’s a fire drill, make ’em stop drop and roll (Ayy)
N****, all that playing tough get you dropped for sure (Popped)
Brodie looking hella crazy after lock and load
Yeah, I got that heavy metal, we can rock and roll (Ayy)
Been getting to the bag, been knocking hoes (Knock)
When them n***** took the brodie, we did all nighters (We did all nighters)
Yeah, you see the Gucci fit with the Off-Whiters (With them Off-Whites)
Ayy, n****, I get real fresh (I get real fresh)
N**** rapping ’bout them bodies he ain’t killed yet (N***** capping)
We just walked up in the club with the KelTec (N***** lacking)
Old Quali’, we got Wock’, we got real Tech (Got real Tech)

We got all types of drugs, what you want?
My n**** Fenix in the cut, my n**** Tone (My n**** Tone)
My n**** Suzy off the shits, he gon’ trip quick (He gon’ trip quick)
My young n***** in the hood down to drill shit (On God)
Yeah, I’ll see my time before I ever switch
If he get out of line, know he get dealt with
Baby shaking all that ass, yeah, she slim thick (Slim thick)
Off a Perc’, she just cum and I ain’t bust shit
I ain’t tripping on shit if it ain’t money (Money)
You wasn’t looking my way when I was bummy (When I was money)
N***** hating and they fans, it ain’t no tension (Ain’t no tension)
My young n**** keep a Glock and a Wesson
I be speeding up in sport, I be swerving (Swerving)
Got the tool up in the stash, my bitch nervous (My bitch nervous)
I won’t lag on the bag, no, never (No, never)
I ain’t listening if it ain’t ’bout no cheddar (It ain’t ’bout no cheddar)

We be in and out of traps like a burger (Like a burger)
Fully auto, man down, it’s a murder (It’s a murder)
Yeah, lil’ brodie hella crazy, he a purger (He a purger)
We some boss-ass n*****, he a worker (N**** lame)
He was getting up for work, we was getting work (Getting work)
If I fuck her off a Perc’, I’ma make her squirt (For real)
Keep your head up on a swivel, n****, be alert (Shh)
On up toppy in the Glocky, gotta get ’em first (Baow)

Man, that tough talk, you ain’t really on that (You ain’t on that)
Why you cuffing on that bitch? She a throwback (Throwback)
She was going from the jump, but you know that (Knew that)
She was fucking while you worried where the ho at (Ho at)
Can we talk about some money with your broke ass? (Broke ass)
You ain’t getting to no bag, you got no cash (No cash)
Click-clack, caught him lacking, it was so fast (So fast, brrt)
He ain’t even seen it coming, I had no mask
Lil’ child, he acting first, get your soul snatched
Put a n**** in the dirt, I won’t hold back (Baow, baow)

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