Happy Sunday SMS, Greetings, Pictures, Prayers & Wishes


Happy Sunday SMS, Greetings, Pictures, Prayers & Wishes

Happy Sunday SMS, Greetings, Pictures, Prayers & Wishes

Sunday will be successful,

It will bring many victories,

There will be salvation from problems,

And it will drive away a bunch of troubles.

The week will end with laughter,

Smiles will not stop,

Loud success will thunder,

There was something to tell.

Rest for the whole week,

Accumulate more strength,

I only believe in the best,

To walk in joy for a week.

The morning dawn illuminates,

Sunday has come,

On this day I wish you,

To be lucky in a big way!

Everything that has accumulated in the plans

For the period of weekdays,

Let it be performed chic,

Giving your life colors!

What a wonderful Sunday!

Inspiration came to you today,

I wish you only brightness, intoxicating luck

Take yourself happiness for the task.

May this resurrection be glorious,

Like sweet, pleasant and tasty jam,

May friends and girlfriends wait in life,

May they be bold, cheerful ditties!

Play and enjoy on Sunday,

Let the illumination be light and cheerful,

Walking life, boldly enjoy,

And you always plunge into the ocean of love!

Sunday has come,

And today I

wish you a lot of fun,

Joy and inspiration.

Happy Sunday,

I wish you from the bottom of my heart!

Sunday is God's day.

Good luck awaits you.

Do not let laziness enter your mind.

Easy task.

Have a good rest.

Drink happiness.

The world is difficult without love

All down with bad weather.

Congratulations on Sunday,

I wish you a great rest, After all,

tomorrow Monday

will overtake you with its power.

I wish you a sweet sleep,

No hurry anywhere, I wish

you for the whole day

I will make friends with the sofa.

Sunday has come,

This is the reason for joy!

With excellent mood

Plunge into its abyss.

Let everything come true today

that did not have time on weekdays.

The whole day will be rosy,

so that the heart warms with happiness!

With a wonderful mood Start a

wonderful day,

Let the

cache open this Sunday.

And in it - a fountain of energy

And a halo of happiness,

So that the whole day by inertia

Brilliantly passed!

Today is Sunday,

There is a reason to relax,

Turn on all the fun

And inhale optimism!

Putting on a smile in the morning,

Step boldly forward!

Success, like a postcard,

Let life present!

Happy Sunday, happy


I wish you rest,

Let things melt like smoke.

You need to gain strength,

Tomorrow will be a difficult day,

And today sleep off

And turn on completely lazy.

The days of the week flew by,

Everyone managed what they wanted,

We were even able to rest,

To continue the path of life.

I congratulate you on Sunday, I

wish you to accumulate strength,

To enter into a new battle , To

defeat all problems.

Do not waste time,

Win everything in the world, Spend the

day with a smile,

Wait for happiness to visit you.

Let Sunday fill with strength,

So that the week has something to remember,

Enough energy for everything, even more,

To smile as long as possible.

Let luck follow on your heels,

And happiness will soon find the way to the house,

So that everything you want will turn out,

From joy, so that they fly to heaven.

Happy Sunday , Let's

all have a rest today, Let's

try to celebrate

together, this holiday together.

Let's spend in a circle of friends,

The people closest to us

May fun always reign,

On this Sunday holiday.

Resurrection has come,

It’s so good in my soul , May

this day be warm,

Bright, clear and free,

Mood is up to heaven,

It will be full of charms, miracles,

Let friends come to visit, Cast

away all sorrows,

Have fun and walk,

And in the company - do not be bored!

Congratulations on the resurrection!

I wish to rest,

Do not rush to get up early,

And lie down in bed.

Be too lazy for your glory,

Relax and dream,

To start the day on Monday with


On Sunday, I

hasten to congratulate you in an instant

And I wish you to rest,

Leave all your affairs behind.

May you have a great day

Gives joy, happiness,

Let the sun shine in life,

And the bad weather will go away.

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