Kalan.FrFr. – Look At Me Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Ayy, look at me
I’m in the drop-top, top-top with the bucket seats (Yeah, yeah)
And I know she on my cock, she keep bugging me (Oh)
Got a bad yellow-bone, call her bumblebee
She like to cum on me (Yeah, yeah)
She like to come with me (Hey)
I bought her four Fendi bags, they was like four a piece (Ten a piece)
Fucked her on the floor just like Aladdin, we love Disney
She be trying to fuck and I be laggin’, she get sick of me
Fuck her like I love her, put this Magnum on her kidneys (Woo)
Gotta be kidding me
Thought these n***** knew how to get money, wow, silly me
Gotta stop fucking these ratchet bitches, that shit killing me
I know it’s a shame, but I’ma fuck her if she feeling me (Yeah, yeah)
Why I let these bitches gas me up?
She like, “Ooh, he think I’m fine, he can’t pass me up”
I can’t be just fucking anybody
I was fucking on my fans, that’s too many bodies (Yeah, yeah)
Can you accept me with my flaws and all?
And know every time I call that it’s all love involved
And sometimes I ain’t myself when all my drugs involved
And know when I’m ready to be in love and all that it’s us involved
And look at me
Look how I’ve been pulling up in fleets in all Bentleys
All this gas to the face, I look Japanese
I done had bitches but bitches ain’t had me
I knew you was real when you told me you understand me
Run it like a stampede
I wanna take you on a island, get your stampies
I’m doing all prong set, it ain’t no scampies
So many O’s in my door it look like Randy’s
Yeah, look at me
Granny, look at me
I know you smile at me when I see the clouds moving, I know you proud of me
Remember all the things they said about me, remember how they doubted me, but I still thought about you
Remember how you said I could be anything and I could go do anything and everything I want to
I never forgot about you
Look at me
I make them look at me
Now I need twenty-thousand in all blues when they booking me
I spent like twenty-five on my shoes and they look fucking cheap
I’m in the Maybach azul, smoking comfortably
Ayy, look at me
Look at my mama crib
Look at my whip, look at my bitch, I got all kind of shit
Look at my neck, look at my wrist, look at my partner’s shit
Yeah, we the popping clique
TwoFr the opposite
All these fake-ass, broke-ass, lil’ bum-ass n*****
I can’t even be affiliated with no dumb-ass n****
We getting money, y’all some need to get y’all sum ass n*****
She ain’t no goofy, I can tell by how she come at n*****
Looking back to when I never had shit
Now I got a lot of, how I turned it into past tense
Look how it happened
I just be rapping, giving bad bitches they captions
I’ll make your ho come drive the boat like she the captain
We did a hundred every week when we was trapping
I do the strip club all week, turn that cash in
If you a freak and you like me then shake that ass, then
Go get that bag, then (Go get that bag, then, go get that bag, then, go get that bag, then, go get that bag, then)

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