King Von – Family Dedication Lyrics

Yes, right now, right now, this time
‘Cause ain’t no telling what’s gon’ happen tomorrow, man
No telling what’s gon’ happen, you know?
Enjoy this shit, motherfucker happy, man
Motherfucker appreciate y’all, everybody that supported
Everybody that played a part
Everybody, like, ’cause everybody want food
For them people that was there, and them people that stood strong by a motherfucker, I got y’all
You know, whatever I could do for a motherfucker, all you gotta do is ask
(Raw Equity)

We ain’t tryna know who gang-bang, none of that shit
Just it’s all I know, just all I’m saying, is how I’m rockin’, just, ’cause me
I’d be lying if I was doing some other shit, you see what I’m saying?

Oh-oh, what you on, lil’ foenem? You good? They feeding you in that ho?
Nobody fucking with you on that block, I’m finna pull up
They gon’ try to separate the car to find the copy, you hear me?

Know how I’m coming, sticking and moving
Slidin’ and groovin’, what’s the word?
None of the bros, what’s the price? Fifty twice

You faithful? Individuals over there
We all got situations, we all got shit we got going on

Jokes, okay, make y’all laugh, okay, baby
Yeah, I hear you, granny
Okay, I love you so much
Alright, I love you
You gotta stop saying that
Aha, I love you too

Ah, da-da



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