Latto – 777 Pt. 2 Lyrics

So y’all ain’t gon’ give me no competition
This shit, this getting too easy
This shit ain’t even fun no more
Big Latto

Yeah, I hold the chance to win and what y’all do, fuck that up
Last time around they slept on me, I woke ’em up like “Bitch it’s up”
Paid to see it cute like Barbie shit but I don’t play with bitches
I’m way too big to speak on petty shit, MJ said stay on mentions
Got a thousand dollar steak on my plate, that’s the only beef I ever get in
I can never fit in, how you climbing on shit you’ll never be in?
Bitches runnin’ they mouth like they got one
Only category they gon’ put me in is the greatest and bitch you not one
If you a fan just say it and go get my shit when I drop something

I got three 7’s iced out on my neck, know they hate when I flex
Queen of the south, bitch, I’ma take my respect
I got three 7’s iced out on my neck, know they hate when I flex
Queen of the south ain’t none but four in a deck, bitch

And I’ma let y’all figure that shit out
Playing with me like you don’t know my body or something
777 the biggest
This shit bigger than big, colossal Latto

Yeah I bet you better off playing the lotto than playing with Latto
Who you think set the trend that all these bitches follow?
Fur wrap big, try me I’ma slap the shit up out ’em
Heard mo’ money mo’ problem, bitch I know you ain’t got ’em
To the south put a crown on ’em
Been running shit got some miles on ’em
These hoes washed up throw a towel on em
I need respect when I style on ’em
I’ma wild on ’em when I heat up
Sitting on the throne with my feet up
Bitch say my name and get beat up
On my twelfth Birkin, ho, keep up

Bitches think they hot, well come show me what that shit hit for
That money talk be foreign to hoes and that’s for shit sure
The youngest and the richest, I made it known from the get go
Tell these pussy hoes I’m deboned
Big Latto the big goat

Man y’all ho better find you somebody to play with
I ain’t the one, damn sure ain’t the two
I ain’t got shit left to prove, put a bow on that shit

I got three 7’s iced out on my neck, know they hate when I flex
Queen of the south, ain’t none but four in a deck, bitch

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