Mista Strange – Chronicles Lyrics

Strange man it’s-
We’re on a wave
It’s like 9pm say nuttin’
Harry on produci say nuttin’
Check it
I wonder where we woulda been
If I never took the chances that I know he put me in
Music is my life it’s my soul I feel it every day
I have to make it out that’s for myself and for my mothers sake
Music is the only way
This path I chose it wasn’t easy
I needed them I couldn’t see them
Now they wanna see me
They move so fucking greasy
I guess people change
But it’s cool I never needed n***** anyway
Now it’s chronicles of an over-thinker
If I could make one wish I’d never think again
In fact I’d never love again
I said I’d never do it but I went back to the trap again
The cycle is repeating just to break it suttins’ gotta change
It’s like I’m stuck between a rock and hard place
Love’s an ultimatum I ain’t ready for no heart ache
Cah when a breaks it’s sent to a dark place
It’s like to see the world I need some goggles or some dark shades
Half a bottle of some Henny got me feeling numb
Reminiscing about the things that we all shoulda done
My mind is older than my body crazy cah my body’s young
I have to free them from the matrix I’m the chosen one
I used to hit the road I never had to hold a gun
Pebbles in my cheek a little pushy hittin’ 2 on 1’s
Yeah I bought myself a pack nobody threw me one
I pray to God I give him thanks cah all that shit is done
I miss the trap sometimes cah that shit was fun
But not when the boydem are knocking at your drum
My mother cried she can’t believe she looking at her son
She never raised the boy to be like what he has become
The streets will eat you up and spit you out the strong survive
Only few will not go jail or make it out alive
So if I die today at least I can say that I tried
On the right path but sometimes I cannot read the signs
I ain’t greedy guy we all can share the pie
But if you can’t keep up then you’ll get left behind
They ask me how I got here I never wonder why
I spoke to God he told me grind and one day you will shine
And never give up
This ain’t because of good luck
I made solutions to the problems every time I got stuck
We never speak on them
Why they speaking on us?
Not many people that I rate from the come up
Cah these n***** ain’t changed since the come up
Used to hit ’em from the morning
I been grinding from the sun up
All that gangster shit is boring
It ain’t that you will get done up
Eloquence in how I’m talking have to give that to my mother
Drippin’ everywhere I’m walking n***** slimey look like Gunna
Better play me on the radio I told that to my plugger
I don’t even need a hook to make a banger on my mothers
I don’t even need a hook to make a banger on my-
And when my n**** touch road he won’t go jail again
There’s more to life than just the roads I really hate the ends
These n***** love the ends
But that don’t make no sense
Cah what the fuck did the ends ever do for them
The ends done killed your friend
And put your bro in pen
This is shit that we all know but we don’t implement
And half of them are only gangsters on the internet
A mothers son killed a mothers son
Two mother’s never slept


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