Mista Strange – Dstny Lyrics

Strange man it’s
(Try make this shit look easy)
(And your boyfriend still in my DM DM DM yeah)
It’s like this shit was meant to be
G I make this shit look easy
And your boyfriend still in my DM
I don’t wanna hear no chat about chi chi
I just need bands like BG
I don’t really need no love from Keke
Strange man it’s Strange on TV
I still put dots on lines like e.g.
Strange like a boujee bitch
If it ain’t 5 star I can’t eat that shit
I like freaky boys n shit
He add my snap and he send me pics
And that ain’t my boyfriend low it
They’re ain’t no chance that I’ll suck he’s dick
And the way that I hit he’s G-spot
He said that it felt like I scratched his itch
Any n**** send shots get hit
Flows on crack
Bars on skitz
He ain’t on wass
It’s just for vids
Get fried and packed like walkers crisps shit
Strange man it’s Strange too sick
Dem boy der never could be like man
Groupies they move live fans
Gay boys why they all watching man
I don’t care if you’re in a gang
I don’t care if you walk with a bruck
Cah you ain’t no badman low it
You look like the guys I fuck
Strange don’t walk with the ting
But his brodie does so you might get touched
He wan suck on my dick and my nuts
That ain’t love
N**** that’s lust
I don’t have no friends that I trust
If I trust you it means your blood
And the way that I stabbed on the beat
G I’ll open the beat like the beat had guts
Black men really tryna kill black men
Shoulda filmed it and called it ‘us’
We didn’t have no pees we was stuck
That’s why I’m tryna get us outta the mud
I ain’t lucky G I move with God
And the Angel dem guide me from above
If I die just fly them doves
And pray that I rest in love
Not all of the feds are cunts
But still we don’t fuck with fuzz
No toys when I give him that woody
Just good dick make his G-spot buzz
Yeah yeah
Just good dick make his G-spot buzz
See strange in a Nicce hoodie
Can’t style on man wid designer
Half you man can’t afford my barber
First nitty I saw was Lala
Biscotti from a ghanja farmer
And don’t try fuck with the plan
Shit if you do you gon ketch that karma
Shout out to my plug he charged up
Still fuck with the hood like Bratva
Sip Magnum juice not lager
And man can’t tell me about weed
I was doing this ting when Cali was Stardawg
Talk to the Angles not to the Dajjal
Strange man it’s Strange tell them man I’m a star now
(Star now star now)
Tell them man I’m a star now
Strange man it’s
Fuck off

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