Mista Strange – Spoken Word Interlude Lyrics

I’m here for a long time
Not a good time
I wanna do it properly
I have dreams of minorities becoming the majority
If a label wants to sign it’s more than money they must offer me
Because these words hold weight like a drug dealers biography
So when I die study my work like anthropology
For today’s society can be themselves because of me
When you Speak my name – Strange
Say he’s the one who invoked change
When you speak my name – Strange
Say he left a legacy when he came
We brought this to life
Like water to a dry desert
But still get scooped up by the vultures
It’s now appropriate to appropriate ones culture
They eat the fruits of our labour
Then send us to die like soldiers
I’m here for a long time-
Until the war is over
You scream BLM
But in the same breath scream batty man fi dead
Well is you who’s gonna kill me then?
I watched you preach words unity
And how even black man and woman
Should immerse themselves in black love
But what they forget to tell you was–
That’s only for the straight ones
They tell me because I’m gay that I will burn in hell
I guess God must look down at you and smile for the hate you sell
I guess you go to heaven for killing a faggot
Today somewhere in the world
A beautiful child gay and black
Woke up and decided he’d be brave enough
To wear a full face of makeup and walk outside
He was killed when they attacked him
But I guess his life doesn’t matter
Being black and gay is standing in unity
With your brothers and sisters against racism
Knowing that they would never stand with you
In unity against homophobia
My own people downplay the gay struggle
As the white man downplays the black struggle
Isn’t that ironic minorities bullying minorities
Ignorance is bliss just look at how blacks treat gays
As if I chose to be hated for something I couldn’t change
But you know what even if I had I choice
I’d still be gay
Because if being you
Means hating me-
I wouldn’t wanna be straight anyway
So to every gay kid that thinks God doesn’t love you– he does
And to every gay kid who wants to pray but doesn’t-
You must
The hate of the people do not reflect the love of God
If you understood how I understand you would always trust
You would always love
Because God is love
They have told you lies
But I am here to tell you the truth
Whether you’re black, white, gay, straight, green or blue
God still loves you
So if you’re gay and have never prayed before
Let us pray
Repeat after me
Our Father who art in Heaven
Hollowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On earth as it is in Heaven
Give us today our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
Lead us not into temptation
But deliver is from evil
For thine is the kingdom
The power
And the glory
Forever and forever
Blessed be thy name my Lord
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