MiSTah Kye – I Thought I’d Die In Your Arms Lyrics

I don’t know what’s left
And every good thing gotta come to an end
I gotta trick this bitch and say that we’re good
But I know deep down, she really ain’t shit
It’s hard to be fake so I’m breathing shallow
I’m scratching my afro It’s so half-hearted
She clocking my moves, she calling my bluff
I’m fucking it up, I think I’m retarded
She said, “Kye… who are you kidding
You try leaving me and there’s no way home
Cuh I swear on God I’ll kill you
You’re not spiderman but I’ll film you”
I froze up for a sec, I’m losing my breath
Cuh the energy’s strong I can feel it
Now I have a strong feeling
That somebody’s Dying tonight
Cus I think that she means it
GO ON THEN KILL ME! Is this what you want?
Cus it seems you ain’t giving it up
What the fuck do you want? Have me locked up?
I ain’t scared of death but you want my blood
Face to face with the devil herself
She ain’t got no horns, is the bible a lie?
Am I going to hell cuh I’m swearing right now
I’m committing a sin cus I think imma die
Fuck it, maybe I’m insane
Or maybe yeah I must be dreaming
I pinched myself but I’m still damn breathing
The house door locked so there’s no point leaving
“Kye I love you” Yeah what is the meaning?
A gunshot to the ceiling
“If I can’t have you then nobody can”
I thought I’d die in your arms so kill me!
She shot me… I didn’t think she’d do that
My body gone cold, I’m dropping slow
I’m losing blood, I’m seeing it flow
Apologize to my mum and my sibling
My time is up, got a hole in my coat
My life started flashing, I see all my rapping
But now I can’t breathe like I got no throat
It’s crazy… I’m still here but my vision is blurry
I see that she starring I’m hiding my pain
But I’m choking on blood, I’m forgetting my name
MiSTah Kye? Am I right? Or should I say MK
I took a look at my hands, guess I’m leaving my fans
You can’t save me tonight cos I can’t even stand
Fuck it, if I die right now
Then they’re all gonna say that I was one of a kind
Cus nobody rapped like me, in this world
But they’ll only realise when I fucking die
They’ll say I was a lyrical genius
Compare me to none cus I’ll leave you speechless
G I’m a fucked up kid with a busted rib
And all now, I’ve always been fearless
Thoughts in my head that I can’t even say
But I know I shoulda lived in the present
No such thing as the future, it don’t mean shit
Cus I know imma die in a matter of seconds
Call me a legend, this is my profession
I couldn’t give a fuck about the recognition
If I did then I would’ve just signed that deal
6 figures but I wanna be consistent
I regret not telling my fans about how it all works
The labels ain’t seen a thing like me
Nobody gets this far on their own
And I made history cos I do it on a phone
It’s sad that it’s coming to end
But I guess, it’s blessed, one day you’ll know
I wish I could’ve bought mumzy a crib
Fuck sakes I’m pissed cos I was so close
I’m dying so slow by the things that I love
And it hurts so bad but I can’t give it up
Fighting the urges to die but I’m losing my touch
I been trying to breathe but I can’t get enough
She seeing me fight and squirm on the floor
It’s war cus I ain’t giving up
The girl that I love, she watched me die
It’s fucked cus I thought I’d die in your arms

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