Nigo – Remember Lyrics

Remember Lyrics by Nigo (with Pop Smoke)

Oh, yeah
Why the fuck are you hating lil n****, lil n****?
I know why you hating lil n****
‘Cause I got that money, now you want that money
I got the gun now you chasin’ the fad
I put VS’s in all of my chains
Know how to trap n**** three different ways
I ain’t coming goin’ outside boy unless I get paid
Yeah, we droppin’ them 5’s and we droppin’ them Gs
Mister big EBK, boy I fuck everything
If you droppin’ my nine, uppin’ my nine
Opp up in heaven send shots to the sky
Ride for my n*****, yeah, only my guys
For my lil n*****, we pouring out liquor
I’m tryna see seven figures
I’m tryna see seven figures
No vacation but I’m on the island
Since a young n**** we wylin’
Call up to batman, I’m Robbin
N***** ain’t on my timing
And my money keep pilin’ and pilin’ lil n****, you shucking and jiving
I’m like mhm whatever
I’m still gon’ send shots at the motherfuckin’ reverend
Knock on the door n**** let me in
Yeah, we still sendin’ shots up on President
All my n***** is relling and everlit
Shag through the C to with no evidence
Day Day, have you screamin’ through mega like Mayday
Who the fuck are you talkin’ to crazy?
If you don’t want no beef n**** pay me
N**** talk to me nice n**** lay, lay

Why the fuck are you hating lil n****, lil n**** on me?
Is that money gon’ stay up on me?
Know some n***** that changed up on me
That’s why I keep Trey up on me
Now your bitch wanna lay up on me
And she wanna live large up with me
I remember when I was on E
Flexin’, if you getting bread why you stressin’?
I bought a chain and a Tekken
I did fifteen on my checking
Big Lou Vuitton when I’m steppin’
Big .38 for the weapon
And my pockets so swole, yeah, I keep a bankroll
Walk with a pole, yeah, I’m always on go
Remember them days I was all in the slums
Remember the days I was playin’ with
Remember them days I was playin’ with
We both had a n**** why did you run?
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