RZA & DJ Scratch – I'll Never Love Again Lyrics

I’ll never love again
No no
You were not my friend.
You were not my friend.

It’s crazy you know
You meet somebody try to be somebody.

I’ll never love again

Backs faceless
Chick jumping out sex faces chasing me back to the crib.
She’s a dominatrix and she like to play tricks
Jack like hide the aces. I tied her to the bed post with wide shoe laces.
Candle wax on her ass cheeks she can’t speak from the pain.
But wanted more she’s a total freak. And I’m a total geek for it drink smoke or eat for it.
I could choose to lose sleep for a week for it. Like we was made to do it I’m not afraid to do it.
Pssh I do it for free. she gets paid to do it but Vinny never really spends a penny on any. Why should he when they have so many. Laverna, Sherly, Thelma, or Penny, Mork Or Mindy, Louie or Fendi? Gucci or pucci? Genie or lucy?
Her nose twinkle like bewitch. Not a wrinkle or a glitch like Smith and James. I wanted to get hitched. But then everything switched, Marilyn Monroe the 7 year itch.
Tssh life can be a bitch.

I’ll never love again

It’s crazy
You know how you just floating down the river of love.
Then just crash into some rocks.
You know what I mean?

Our worlds flipped when we first touched lips.
But then we slipped into a pit of shit losing our grips.
We were attached like Adam and Eve rib to the hip.
Useful to each other like the gun and the clip.
How dare you compare me to this or that.
When my life stands for something bigger than rap.
Any cipher I would enter I would learn to adapt
Papa Wu told me “Yo God love is a trap!”
I preceded with caution you didn’t need the abortion.
I never knew you’d use my seed for the Extortion.
I didn’t think you’d view my life so un-important.
You wanted it all not satisfied with a portion.
A thousand days a thousand nights instead of loving we had a thousand fights.
If loving you is wrong. I want to do something right.
Maybe I’m better off just flying a kite on a stormy night and see if lightning strikes.
See sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut and just touch.
Hug it out instead of break up to make up.
Just fuck!
Go to sleep to see how you feel when you wake up.
We let time pass now we can’t make up
Apple and ginger both longing for us to touch.

I’ll never Love again
No no ooooohhh!
You were not my friend.


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