The Weather Station – Ignorance Lyrics

I was woken up in the early morning
After my flight, by a sound I could not grasp
I did not recognize.
Running like water, two toned, and tangled
Like a ?? holding many sounds all at once

It was a magpie you told me
As you handed me a coffee
The black and white bird you see in city parks
And you pointed out the window
Looking straight in at me
A black and white bird sitting on the fence

I thought about the man who called it a magpie
Confronted by the great expanse of his ignorance
He wanted to name it, to detain it
Forever in that small phrase
It seemed like a shame
To give it a name

But then again, I don’t understand anything the way I’m supposed to
I drag every river for meaning, scrape my hand on every ceiling
I never know what to say or not say
What to honour or betray in any given day

But I never got used to the sound of the magpie
It set my skin on edge, it called like a child
Like a dog, like the wind caught in a fence
When we talked it interrupted
And I would never know what it meant

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