The Weather Station – Sleight of Hand Lyrics

Pretty tired of this sleight of hand
Do you think I don’t know the difference?
Do I not deserve the real thing?

Matches that do not light a fire
And candles that do not burn
Only flicker on in the cafes at night

I have tried to be good
I only ever wanted to be understood
I thought it was kind that I should play along
And when they light the sign, I applaud

But I’m pretty tired of this bait and switch
I don’t wanna have to smile when I open my gift
And there’s nothing inside it

You never wanted to be good
You never really wanted to be understood
You wanted to be the one who held the cards
And for me to watch you draw the king of hearts

But I’m pretty tired of this sleight of hand
The king is queen and the queen is jack
And I am meant to be laugh, to be glad that you fooled me


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