– Hellnight Lyrics

Stay up
Till August
Pay up
Your progress
Time can wait to heal
‘Cause tomorrow’s today
Take the mask off
Let the hormones play

I’ll do a lot to get what I need
(Run if it sees you, hide if it hears you)
I have mouths that I need to feed
(Wolf what it wants to, starve when it starts to)
I really want to take you home
(Whole the avalanche and the chemical)
Become the one you won’t want to know
You’ll find love
In the gore
Wading waist-deep on the cutting room floor

Tonight we’ll catch our breaths when the bodies drop (Drop)

Tear off my skin if the table gets cold
These conversations where we never get old
Take it
Waste it
Fuck it
Be it

You find it
You fight it
You miss it
You want it bad now
Hellnight every night


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