Yung Bae – Wonder Lyrics

Wonder Lyrics by Yung Bae (feat. Channel Tres)

I gotta be the man that you see me as
Island in the middle, me in Trinidad
Had to be the man that I wanna know
Separate the two with a one go
Gun control, let it unfold
That’s a mandate to drop all the baggage
The control, let it unfold
I wanna keep hold of what I call magic
I’m gone, let me wonder
Wondering if I was better in a Honda
My car ride but I’m somber when I’m somber
Everything was simpler when I just had a Tumblr
Better keep your head up when you’re going under
Do it over a show, where the fuck was lumber
The hunger, the hunger, the hunger, the hunger
Those grannies and besties and auntie and uncle
I’m gone, let me wonder

I’m gone, let me wonder
I’m gone, let me wonder
Sometimes I sit and I wonder
You was gone like a thief in the night
Love, love, a love like no other
But I had a feeling like things ain’t right
It’s the shit I can’t ignore no more
So I ain’t gonna send a text when I leave
And I ain’t tryna starve no more
So a n**** ’bout to roll up his sleeve
Whatcha need to see my car, but that’s the thing
That’s a hustla move
That’s the shit I live by, thrive by
Private mothafuckin’ plane
(It’s just us and the crew, damn)

We never been this hot, though we ain’t smokin’
Took a hit on live, shit got me tokin’
Eyes wide open, whachu really showin’, damn

Where you goin’, a n**** wonder
I’m gone, let me wonder
I’m gone, let me wonder

(I’m gone, I’m gone, I’m gone, I’m gone, I’m gone, I’m gone)
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