About Antonio Vivaldi (Biography) Age, Songs


About Antonio Vivaldi (Biography) Age, Songs
March 4, 1678 - July 28, 1741 (63 years old)

About Antonio Vivaldi (Biography) (toc)
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678-1741) - the great Italian composer , conductor, music teacher. The brightest representative of the violin art of the first half of the 18th century. Vivaldi's biography , filled with bright moments, speaks of him as a strong, versatile and purposeful person.

Adolescence and youth

Antonio Vivaldi was born on March 4, 1678, in Venice. The first violin lessons were given to him by his father. Antonio was such a capable student that at the age of 11 he could replace his mentor in the chapel of St. Mark's Cathedral.

Deciding from early youth to devote his life to music, Antony at the same time wished to be a clergyman. He was ordained in 1704.

Unfortunately, Vivaldi's health was so weak that he could not celebrate mass in full. Therefore, he was given some concessions. Soon, Vivaldi left his duties as a priest, but did not remove his dignity from himself.

The beginning of the creative path

According to the contents of a brief biography of Antonio Vivaldi, he published twelve sonatas in 1705. A year later, the first performance of the musician took place in the palace of the French Embassy.

In 1709, Vivaldi was introduced to the monarch of Denmark, Frederick IV. The composer dedicated 12 sonatas written for violin to him.

In 1712, Vivaldi met with the German composer, G. Stötzl.

Composer's activity

Vivaldi started as an opera composer. In 1713 he created a 3-act work “Otto in the Villa”. A year later, a new opera was created, “The Imaginary Madman”. It was based on L. Ariosto's poem, "Furious Roland".

Around this time, the composer's talent was recognized by colleagues, music critics, and opera fans. Vivaldi began to appear more and more students. In his free time from teaching, he devoted himself to composing new pieces of music. The composer also actively collaborated with the theater, from where a large number of orders were regularly received.

Over time, the name of the musician became known outside of Venice. In 1718, his opera Skanderbeg was staged in Florence.

In the same year, the composer accepted the invitation of Prince F. Hesse-Darmstadt and, having moved to Mantua, became a bandmaster at his court.

There the musician met A. Giraud. She became a student of the great composer, and the latter played a significant role in her development as an opera singer.

Studying the biography of A. Vivaldi, you should know the most important thing. In 1725, a cycle of his works entitled "The Art of Harmony and Invention" was published. It included the concerts "Four Seasons". The work of this period is full of drama. In many works there are solemn and gloomy notes.

Vivaldi made the greatest contribution to the development of the orchestral-ensemble concerto.

Illness and death

Like many composers, Vivaldi was often in dire need of money. In 1740 he arrived in Vienna to stage his operas. But due to the aggravated political crisis, the musician was forced to leave for Saxony.

The composer suffered from bronchial asthma since childhood, and this forced relocation adversely affected his health.

A year later, he returned to Austria, but the public soon forgot his recent favorite. In July 1741 the great composer passed away. They buried him in the cemetery for the poor.

Interesting Facts

Vivaldi was born at seven months old. According to some reports, the newborn was so frail and sickly that he was immediately baptized.

Vivaldi never married. But because of his warm relations with A. Giraud, which nevertheless remained platonic, the composer was criticized more than once by high-ranking clergy.

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