Biography and date of birth of rapper Lil Baby, his personal life and son, plans for the future


Biography and date of birth of rapper Lil Baby, his personal life and son, plans for the future
Biography and date of birth of rapper Lil Baby, his personal life and son, plans for the future

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Lil Baby Biography Overview

B(caps)iography of singer Lil Baby Lil Baby is a rising young rap star. The guy managed to get out of the African-American ghettos, tie up with a criminal past and find his niche in show business. 

Childhood and youth The boy was born on December 3, 1994 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, in America. The real name and surname of the guy is Dominique Jones. His mom and dad are African American, so he has black skin. The guy's family was dysfunctional, his father left his mother alone with three children when Dominic was 2 years old. The woman worked all day, but the money was still sorely lacking. The Joneses lived in a poor area of ​​Atlanta, where mostly blacks settled. Such areas are called ghettos, it is better not to go there for whites.

The boy received the nickname Lil Baby as a child, at the age of 10, because he was the smallest in the company of the same age. Later, this phrase would become his stage name. "Lil" is short for "little", translated from English "small" and "Baby" translated from English "child, baby". 

No matter how hard the mother tried to protect her son from crime, the street brought up the guy. In addition, many of his acquaintances, friends and neighbors also traded in illegal deeds. Jones really disliked going to school, he saw no point in it.

Yes, and for constant absenteeism, fights and problems with drugs, they repeatedly wanted to exclude him. As a result, the guy never graduated from high school. The street and his lads - these were his main priorities. Already in his teens, Dominic began to engage in fraud, traded in petty robberies, and dealt in drugs.

 All this made his mother very afraid for the life and health of her son. In their area, young people had only two prospects - a grave or a prison. In the "zero" years, a genre of music was on the rise, just born in the black ghettos of America. Of course, it was rap, or rather, gangsta rap. Like all the teenagers in the area, Dominic was crazy about this music. She became his ticket to a normal, prosperous life. But this happened much later, but for now, the future star rapper continued to follow a crooked path. 

Lil Baby

And in 2012, as a result of a police special operation, he was caught with a shipment of drugs. Jones was charged with possession with intent to distribute, and this faced a lengthy prison sentence. The reason is not known for certain, but the guy received a conditional term with a probationary period. But this did not affect his lifestyle in any way. During 2013-2014, the young gangster was detained twice with marijuana. As a result, the guy refused to cooperate with the investigation and make a deal with the prosecutor. As a result, Jones was sentenced to 5 years in prison. 

While in prison, he finally thought about his life and future. Dominic decided to take the path of correction. With the help of friends and a lawyer, after two years in prison, he managed to get a review of the case. The held court decided to release the guy ahead of schedule for good behavior. 

Music in Dominik's life The guy fell in love with hip-hop since childhood, but never thought about the career of a rapper. While still in prison, Lil Baby began to compose the first songs, saturated with the romance of the streets of the Negro ghetto. Meanwhile, his friends, who remained at large, began to take their first successful steps in show business. After Dominic was released from prison, they supported the guy and helped him get back on his feet. 

And in 2015, Jones, inspired by his friends, decides to start a career as a rap artist. Dominic, together with Pierre Thomas (Ree) and Kevin Lee (Coach K), create their own music label - "Quality Control". Then the guy starts work on the first mixtape. In parallel, Lil Baby collaborates with two more well-known labels, these were 4PF and Wolfpack. 


Real success (in the scale of a huge country) comes to the performer after the release of the first full-fledged album - Harder Than Ever. He occupies the first positions in the national music charts, and the guy is seriously talked about in the reputable hip-hop party. 

The next two mixtapes also confidently occupy leading positions in the charts. The guy begins to record joint compositions with other stars such as Drake and Gunna. These works of Lil Baby immediately collect a lot of views on YouTube and cause a lot of enthusiastic comments. 


After several years of work, in early April 2017, the mixtape “Perfect Timing” is released. Unfortunately, he does not get into the American music charts, but he immediately receives recognition from listeners. The songs performed by Lil Baby could be heard in all bars, nightclubs throughout Georgia, and just from the windows of houses and passing cars. The rapper himself later admitted that they mixed the album in just 2 days. In the same period, the team shoots the first official video clip - "Freestyle". 

lil Baby Gunner

After, in mid-July 2017, the second mixtape, Harder Than Hard, was released. The team of friends is working productively, and already in early October, the rapper's third collection, The Hard Way, is released. But these albums still cannot get on the air of music channels and do not take place in the American charts. But Dominic Jones and the team, inspired by the growing popularity among the black population, do not despair and continue to work hard. 

And the fourth compilation - "Too Hard", released on December 1, 2017, did the seemingly impossible - hit the weekly Billboard 200 list, taking 80th place, and the US R&B / HH charts with 33 positions . And finally, on May 18, 2018, a full-fledged album, Harder Than Ever, was released to the market. Then, during the fall of 2018, 2 more mixtapes of the artist are released - "Drip Harder" and "Street Gossip". 

Rapper's personal life

 Despite the publicity, openness of his person to the general public, the guy prefers not to disclose information regarding his personal life. Officially, he is not married, but, most likely, the star has a son. Dominic constantly posts joint photos on his Instagram page with a baby named Jason. In September 2018, the singer gave the child an expensive Rolex watch for his birthday. 
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