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Cellarr – Let Go Lyrics

Let Go Lyrics by Cellarr (feat. Lilly Carron)

My shoe don’t fit right
But time will tell
A dear in the headlights
I’m blind as hell

I know you don’t got the time
But I know you can make the time (for me)
And if it’ll get you high
You can take a call into my mind (hold please)

But if you are feeling lonely
You could check in magazines
Scrolling down all the pages
Making ties with my enemies

No idea
It’s seems so obvious

I’m trying to let go
But it’s all I think about

I’m trying to say no
But it’s all you speak about

Time feels like it’s running out
And I feel like I’ve had enough

I’m trying to let go
But it’s all I think about

Set up limitations I can’t seem to shake
You say I’m welcome here but I don’t think you have the space
Line in the sand , once again
It’s clear we don’t fit in
Your all I think about each morning

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