Digga D – Intro Lyrics

Big fucking Luga Vellz (5ive music)
Digga D, Made In The Pyrex, n****
Some real fuckin’ shit, haha

Twelve bills for the jacket, six racks for the ‘matic
Put a two-y of the magic on a nina or the baddest
Take risks, late shifts, Amiris cost me eight fifths
My white girl take sniff, fake nails, fake tits
Tints blacker than the ones that’s on the court bus
C220 Sport Plus, I still let the fours bust
Model in the passy, all she really like is footballers
Told her it’s the same, I still shoot, score and take corners
Got a two, we left, you know it’s all pro, yo
Your bitch broke ’cause she livin’ off his promo
Ice, took a pitcher, what? You thought it was a photo?
It’s goin’ OT to where the cats love the coco
I’m sittin’ down in my cell
Chattin’ to my mans girl
Says she’s comin’ on a V (Comin’ on a V)
Travelled all the way to Felts (All the way)
So how could you talk my name? (My name)
Bro, you ain’t got no shame (No shame)
I heard they’re tryna jump in beef, bro
You should ride for your mates
Pussy boy, go and suck your mum
Pussy boy, go and bust your gun


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