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ElyOtto – party city Lyrics

Cannabis smoking, (missing lyrics)
We’re all different wavelengths if I’m being truthful
I don’t even give a fuck ’cause I think it’s so cool
I don’t even care, everything you say is so true

Everywhere, every day
Everywhere, every day

I can’t really tell, tell me if I’m being rude
Carry people very well, hope you don’t think that I’m stupid
Hope you think I’m chill, I’m just tryna pass as human
(I’m just tryna pass as human)

(missing lyrics), will you tell me when you’re free?
I get off to set the (missing lyrics), can you pick me up at 3?
I’m so glad we got to meet, can you tell me when you’re free?
Can you tell me when you’re free? Can you tell me when you’re free?
Can you?

Warm up with a cigarette, welcome to my spaceship
Please don’t go away, I don’t think that I can take it
Saw your (missing lyrics) at an intercity station
Leanin’ on a (missing lyrics)

(missing lyrics)
So, tell me when you’re free!
(missing lyrics)
So, just tell me when you’re free!

Take it, we can’t take it anymore, yo!

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