Fairy Tales: Mind and heart

Fairy Tales: Mind and heart

Mind and heart

Mind and heart fought among themselves. The heart said that people live for him, but the mind insisted on the opposite.

I must say that they did not go to the judge to find out the truth, but decided to act alone and not interfere in each other's affairs. They planned to test their agreement on one peasant.

A cool morning came, our peasant, as usual, took a plow and went into the field. As soon as he began to plow, the plow got stuck in a deep furrow. The peasant bent down and sees a copper jug, and there is gold in the jug. The man thought: “What to do now? After all, for that kind of money I can become rich.

But then something else flashed through my head: “What if the thieves find out about this, they start threatening, I’ll make excuses - they can kill me.” The peasant was thinking like this over the jug, and suddenly he sees a judge walking along the road.

“Isn’t it better to give the gold to the judge?” thought the plowman, and set off at a run after the judge. The peasant caught up with the judge, brought him to his field...

But then his mind returned to him. The peasant instantly came to his senses, hid the copper jug ​​with gold behind his back and said to the judge:

“Aha, you are a judge, therefore, a learned man, won’t you tell me which of these two bulls is better?”

The judge, hearing these words, scolded him and left. The judge left, and the peasant's mind left. He thought again, why didn’t I give him the gold, what would I do with this good, where would I store it?

So he thought until the evening, until he saw a judge on the road, who was returning from the village to the city.

Headlong he rushed to the referee, began to beg, beg him to come to him on the field again.

The judge realized that something was wrong here, agreed and went with the plowman. As soon as they approached the field, the mind again returned to the peasant, and he, smiling guiltily, said to the judge:

- I conjure God, do not be angry, look at my field, which is more - yesterday's or today's my plowing?

This time the judge decided that the peasant must be crazy, smiled and went on his way, At the same moment he left the peasant and his mind. Silently he sat down on the edge of the field and did not know what to do.

- God! the man suddenly shouted in despair. “Why didn’t I give the judge this stuff?” Where can I hide it so that thieves won't find it?

Without thinking twice, he hid the jug of gold in a bag in which he brought food in the morning. I took a bag with a jug under my arm and quickly went home.

“Wife,” the peasant called out at the door, “tie the bulls alive, give them hay, and I will go to the judge.”

The wife saw that her husband was hiding a bag, decided to find out by cunning what was in it.

“It’s not a woman’s business to tie bulls,” said the wife, “it’s enough for me that I mess with sheep and cows. Better go tie yourself, and then go wherever you want.

The peasant left a bag with a jug, went to drive the bulls into the barn. While he was busy with the bulls and plow, the wife opened the bag, saw a jug of gold, took it out, and put a stone in the bag. Tying the bulls, the husband took the bag and hurried straight to the judge.

“Aha, here’s a present for you, take it,” the peasant said to the judge.

But when the judge untied the sack, the peasant was taken aback. The judge got angry, but decided that this was not a clean matter, ordered that the peasant be immediately put in prison and, moreover, he assigned two people to him so that they would tell him what the peasant would do and say ...

Sitting in prison, the peasant began to mutter and point with his hands, - they say, the jug was of such and such a size, had such a nose, the shape of the jug was such and such, there was so much gold in it.

The jailers immediately reported to the judge - so, they say, and so, he waved, showed his hands, but he did not speak.

The judge ordered the peasant to be summoned to his place:

- Tell me, why did you wave your hands in prison, what did you show?

Reason again returned to the peasant, and the peasant, smiling slyly, answered the judge:

- I measured you - your head is like this, your neck is like that, your belly is like this, the beard is like this - and I thought: who has it more - you or our bearded goat.

The judge became angry and ordered the peasant to be hanged. They threw a noose around his neck, and the peasant prayed:

“Don't hang me, take me to the judge, and I'll tell him the whole truth.

They took the man to the judge.

“Tell the whole truth, peasant. I'm listening to you! the judge said.

“I have nothing to tell you. If the noose had not been removed from my neck, I would certainly have died. That’s the whole truth for you,” the peasant replied humbly.

The judge laughed, the peasant cheered him up, and he let the peasant go home. And the mind and heart repented that they acted alone, and decided from now on to do everything together, realizing that a person is made a man - mind and heart, heart and mind.

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