Fivio Foreign – Confidence Lyrics

Confidence Lyrics by Fivio Foreign (feat. A$AP Rocky)

Rap n***** only in the trap, trap, trap, trap, trap, trap
Rap n***** only in the trap, trap, trap, trap, trap, trap
Yeah-yeah (Uh)
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah

All Hail Mary, Billie Jean, it’s about to get real scary
They don’t want beef or dairy
Hundred thousand while I talk on celly
Ordinary, ain’t nothin’ they could talk or tell me
Balmain, picture perfect like more than Getty

Gettin’ my focus on, aim it, pop up like toasters on ’em
Smell me like Folgers
Don’t come here with that bullshit

I put the locals on ’em, they was laughin’ at me, now the joke is on ’em, huh
I tell my shooter to focus on ’em
And the old n***** make the court a ballroom
I tell lil’ mami to hold off (I tell lil’ mami to hold off)
I take a Perc and I doze off, huh
I drink the liquor and go ball
N****, my body different, my body go on go mode
We be spinnin’ the whole four
Shit, we see you, we shootin’ through both doors
Either win or you lose, it ain’t no draws

N****, I got the soldiers comin’
You can get it for the low or nothin’

Put on my broach or somethin’, bitch
Take off my coat for nothin’, pimp
Limp when I walk, I’m stuntin’, drip
Fuck wit’ my bro, “What’s up, then, bitch?”
Who left the faucet runnin’? Drip-drip

Knowledge shit, rockstar, pop molly shit
Yeah, braids in, so long like dreads, on my Bob Marley shit
Uh, pop tags, floss Prada like a partnership
Would’ve thought that n**** started it
Your drip more like A$AP Rocky starter kit, n****

Slide on her then I politic
She seeing stars like astrologists
Beat the pussy, she ain’t chargin’ shit
Finessin’, common sense with the scholarship
I’m the opposite of modestness
Caught ’em lackin’ like confidence, yeah


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