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Kevin Morby – A Random Act of Kindness Lyrics

Out of time,
Out of time, out of money
Out of time, out of money, honey

Out of lust
Out of lust, out of trust
Out of lust, out of trust for the sky above my head

Sun came up, through my hands
Sun came up, with no plan
Sun came up, strike up the band

Out of grace
Out of grace, out of style
Out of grace, out of style, can you sit a little while?

Out of dreams, in my head,
So it seems the nightmares will greet me at my bed

Shut me up, if you can
Shut me up, take my hand
Shut me up, be a friend, through a random act of kindness

Out of town
Out of town for a moment
Out of town for a moment, I’ll be back tomorrow

Out of sight, out of nowhere
Out of sorrow, out of thin air
Out of touch, out of spite
Out of loneliness
Out of soldiers in the moonlight
Casting shadows, twirling dancers
Across their bodies, across the water, across the universe

Lift me up, by my hand
Lift me up if you can
Lift me up, be my friend, through a random act of kindness, one that’s done from blindness

Sun came up

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