Korean Novels: High School Romance. Episode 2

Korean Novels: High School Romance. Episode 2

Korean Novels: High School Romance. Episode 2

Episode 2

( #Jimi_pov)

I was shocked when she replied me with * hi *, I smiled at her and I walked slowly to her in a romantic way, I was still expecting her to embrace me before she stepped back and her friends bursts into laughter, I fake a smile also and I said * Alisha how are you doing, have really missed you, ** I watch her friends as they keep whispering to their self, she looked at me from head to toe with disgust and she said ** let meet at the coffee shop before 04:30 ** she walked away not even looking back, I looked at my self from chest to my old old dusty shoe, and I shook my head and I said * it not my fault I was born in the house poverty ** I walked straight to my class, I opened my mouth when I the student in my new class, all of them were glowing like diamond, omo money sweet ooo, I swallowed my spit and I walked gently. To a seat beside the aluminum window, I sat down as I watch most of them discussing with fluent English, I brought out my books and I placed it on the table, I was still enjoying the air condition before a white man came in, I stood up and I said ** Good morning sir, you are welcome to our class may God bless you sir and your family amen ** I was so surprised when I noticed that I was the only one standing up, the class went in total silence and 30 students in the class looked at me as if they saw a ghost, everybody laughed at once including the white man, I was so confused because I don’t think I was wrong by greeting him, the white man said ** silence ** and all the student kept quiet, he looked at me and laughed again and he said.. ** where are you from boy **


Jimi – am from Lagos state sir,

White man – (smile) what your name

jimi – my name is jimisola sir

White man – what does that means in your native language,

Jimi – it means wake me up in wealth

White man – (laugh) did you slept in poverty before, it very obvious you are from a poor home, am I right

Jimi – (ashamed) hmm we are not that wealthy,

White man – so how did you manage to get here,

Jimi – I got here through the scholarship


White man – oh wow, (pointing to the class) guys we have a new brainiac in class now, sit down


I sat down and I was wondering why the white man asked me all those foolish questions , maybe he did that to make his class lively, the man start teaching us and he was so good at the economics he was teaching, most of the student are so brilliant than I expect but that does not stop me from giving them my best shot, I was one of the most interactive student in his class that day, after a few minutes I heard a loud bell as it rang, I was so happy and I asked a guy besides me what the time says and he said * 3:00* immediately he told me that, I packed my books in a hurry because I don’t want Alisha to be mad at me for being late, I ran out of the class and bumped into a girl, and the book she was holding fell down from her hand, I was about to keep going before she said ** are you blind ** I quickly bend down and and I gathered them for her, and I said ** am so sorry ** I looked at the beautiful girl as she said ** it okay ** I ran out from the building and I ran straight outside, I was still raining before I stopped and I said to my self, ** did I even know where am going ** I saw a guy coming towards me and I asked him where the coffee shop is, he told it is in a mile from here, I kept on asking from people until I got to a very big coffee spot , it was so beautiful and wonderful, I walked straight to the place and I saw Alisha on a chair looking at her wristwatch, I called her name and she hissed when she saw me, I sat down on the other side and I looked straight in her eyes, I was still looking at her in a romantic way before I noticed she was staring at a guy laughing between two girls, she was looking at him as if she was jealous, I hit my hand on the table and I said……

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. “*****


Jimi- babe are you OK


Alisha – yes I am


Jimi – ok, Alisha are you not happy to see me or what


Alisha – yeah am not


Jimi – why.


Alisha – forget about that, how the hell did you get here cos I know your poor parents can never afford this school fee, or did you guys took a loan,


Jimi – (smile) hmm no we did not, I am here today just because of you,


Alisha – how


Jimi – I came here because I really miss you , and I Processed a scholarship and i succeeded it,


Alisha – (frown) really , but you should not have done that for me,


Jimi – you know I so much loved you and I can do anything just to be with you,


Alisha – please shut up


Jimi – what!!!


Alisha – (shout at him) don’t you get it, this school is not for people like you, it not even for a middle class family not to talk of you and your family, you can never meet up with the people around here, no matter how hard you try you just can’t, look at everything around you, did you think you belong here, look at your bag how long have you been using it, it a question ⁉️

Jimi – (almost in tears) 3 years am soon going to buy a new one,

Alisha – just shut up, am sure this bag is older than 3 years you are just telling lie, by the way, forget about our passed life, I don’t feel like dating any guy cos I need to face my studies, so I want you to.

Pretend like we don’t know each other,

Jimi – pls alisha, don’t do this to me, it not my fault I had a poor parents, I can still change that when am done with my studies,

I couldn’t complete my word before she walked out on me, I called her name and she stopped, she turn back and she said * take your stupid bangles ** she gave me back the bangles I but for her with the little money I saved when we were in our formal school, I couldn’t control the tears that form in my eyes and I cried like a widow, I was still looking at her before I heard a storm, rain start fallen immediately and I was wet, I stood there without moving just like a scare crow, I was about to ran after her before a girl covered me with her umbrella and I was surprised to see

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