Biography and personal life of rapper Chief Keef, interesting facts


Biography and personal life of rapper Chief Keef, interesting facts

Chief Keef Biography Data 

Chief Keef Biography Data Rapper Chief Keef was born Keith Cozart in Chicago (Chirake in local slang). Performs not just hip-hop, but one of its most aggressive versions, drill. Unlike many other rap artists, Chief is not just a performer, he lives like his alter ego in the songs. Evidence of this are the difficulties with self-organization, the failure of contracts, constant conflicts with the law. 

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Childhood and early years 

C(caps)hief was born in 1995 in Chicago, formerly known as the gangster capital. Mother at the time of Keef's birth was 17. Nothing is known about her father. The boy lived in the southern region, in Englewood. Before coming of age, Chief's guardian was his grandmother. 


The guy did not grow together with a full-fledged education: he was kicked out of school at the age of 15. In the future, the rapper did not think about continuing his studies, especially college. Already at the age of 16, Chief was under house arrest for opening fire in a city park for no reason.

 The beginning of the creative path

 Chief Keef began experimenting with music at an early age, playing with blank cassettes and a karaoke player. In 2011, mixtapes "The Glory Road", "Bang" were released, which became famous at the city level. Gradually, the area in which Cozart lived came to know Chief as a performer. For the most part, the core of the army of fans were teenagers, students of schools. 

While in self-imposed isolation for a petty offense, the rapper made the most of the situation by filming and posting music videos to solidify his position in the hip-hop scene. Chief became the voice of a generation, the personification of the antagonism of black teenagers to the adult world, injustice, attitudes towards interracial conflicts. 

chief keef

In this sense, the track "I Don't Like" is an anthem of hatred, rejection of the current situation by a guy from the ghetto. The already well-known artist Kanye West drew attention to Chief's work, who, taking Keef's song as a basis, made a remix for it. The recording featured Big Sean, Pusha T and Jadakiss. So the young Chicago rapper, according to music columnist David Drake of the Pitchfork online publication, broke out of obscurity, roiling the hip-hop scene.

 hip hop vocalist fame

 Literally a year after the release of the first mixtapes, a hunt was announced for Keef. But not among Chicago youth gangs, but between record labels. In early 2013, the performer signs a contract with Interscope Records, known for its loyal policy towards musicians. Under the terms of the deal (the amount of which was measured at $ 6 million plus additional Easter eggs - Keefe's promotion of his own sub-brand Glory Boyz Entertainment) the performer had to record at least 3 albums on Interscope. By the way, the debut release, called "Finally Rich", which featured Lil Reese, Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, French Montana, Rick Ross, soared to 29th place on the Billboard 200 charts. 

The composition "Hold My Liquor", in which Keefe performed as a guest vocalist of Kanye West, received favorable reviews from musicians, in particular Lou Reed. For his 18th birthday, Chief Keef recorded the Bang 2 mixtape on August 15, 2013. Critics were divided, but the event itself did not go unnoticed. Literally 2 months later, in October, the controversial and ambiguous "Almighty So" comes out. In the future, Chief will surprise fans more than once by replicating tracks at breakneck speed. 


During his short musical career, performer Keef Cozart managed to bake a lot of "pies", hot hits and releases. The complete list of albums includes: 
  • "Finally Rich" (2012); 
  • "Nobody" (2014), joint; 
  • "Bang 3" (2015); 
  • Bang 3 Pt. 2" (2015);
  •  "Nobody 2" (2015),
 joint. In addition, Chief has more than 3 dozen mixtapes, as well as mini-EPs - "Chieffing Again", "Ottopsy" and "Trap Symphony". 

Video clips 

For 2020, there are several videos of Keefe in rotation, both solo and collaborative, where he participated as a guest performer. Here they are: 

  • "Juug" (with DJ Pharris, Jeremih);
  •  "Sadity" (with Cdot Honcho);
  •  "Russian Roulette" (with Fat Trel); 
  • "Text" (Chief Keef solo); "Champagne" (with NERVO); 
  • "100s" (with Tyga and AE); 
  • "Reload" (with Tadoe and Ballout); 
  • "Young Man" (with Machine Gun Kelly). 

And, of course, you can't miss the "Love Sosa" video that started it all. 

Personal life

 Officially, Chief Keef is not married. However, separate sources mention his marriage to Erica Early, as well as children: Krue Carter, Sno Cozart, Kimore Soshe and Kaiden Cash.

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