Rob49 – I’m In Her Lyrics

I’m In Her Lyrics by Rob49 (feat. Doe Boy)

Yeah I’m so sick and tired of giving game
Bro be in that scat pack switching lanes
I catch him dissin he gone pay
Ohhh, I eat that pussy creme brulee
The same n***** turn my hood up
Same n***** turn my gang up

Fuck this n**** talkin bout
Yep that’s me
I got money she gone cheat
I done lost my blood brother
All I know is play for keeps
Money don’t mean nothing to me
Bitches don’t mean nothing to me
Rolex don’t mean nothing to me
I got bread she fuck for free
Presi right I know I’m new
You did all them scams but now you going broke
Fucking different bitches on my brother floor
In the stu with gangsters got hoes doing coke

I’m in her
I’m in her
I’m in her back
I’m in her
I’m in her
I’m in her throat
I’m in her
I’m in her
I’m in her
I’m in her
I’m in her, yeah

14k diamonds I can’t stay low key
Imma dog fasho I like them sneaky links
It’s just me Al P
U know my vultures T’d
I put them bitches on they knees, n****
Okay, I know my brother crazy and it’s sad to say
My brother he be tweakin’ tryna catch a case
He ain’t gotta see his face so I threw it in his face

N**** different color trackhawk, different color hoes
Pounds in the trap house I get em for the low
38 a bow 38 a bow 38 a bow n****
I can move the pounds, I can move the syrup, I can move the soap
Imma cut her off if she play with me
Imma fuck her throat if she say som’
I don’t give a fuck I’m fin her spray som’
She bought to pray to god she know I saved her

I’m in her
I’m in her
I’m in her back
I’m in her
I’m in her
I’m in her throat
I’m in her
I’m in her
I’m in her
I’m in her
I’m in her

He say he gon kill me when he see me
Oh really
Count blue Benji but I’ll blow this whole 50
If ion make it rappin’ fuck it ride around the city
He gone pay diss me but he ain’t even got a penny
Always speakin’ on me broke ass can’t even afford two cents
Young and hot as shit ridin’ around the city with two bricks
Imma aim at both of em ride around with two clips
Bitch I’m big dope beezy I ain’t beefing with no toothpick
Lil bitty ass n**** tryna play with me
I wish you could ask the last n****
Imma throw the imma imma
Imma throw the bag n****
Fin her go get some money
Hold on be right back witchu
All this jewelry I own got me chillin
Hope u didn’t send no goons for this year , yo resolution should be living
I be trippin
I be talking shit man fuck these n*****
Oh really

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