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Rob49 – Never Change Lyrics

How the fuck is me?
How the fuck my guy chose me? I did bad shit with D
Got down on my hands and knees, I still pray to my lord
Like I don’t be sinning
He still pray to his lord like he ain’t kill him
The fuck I’m supposed to sit around and let n***** leech
I could’ve kept shit to myself but I gave n***** peace
It’s safe to say I found my way to split my type to pieces
No trench, baby, on this Earth has seen the shit I seen
Double sized hook to keep the baby, I don’t like but I don’t hate it
Fuck, I’m still stuck in the dark, I don’t shake back from hella cases
House arrest for seven months and I ain’t had nowhere to stay
Devils still ’round my back, I’m in the projects everyday
Got my heater though
Kill ’em if he talk, won’t tell what you saw
I keep telling bro to let it go, he won’t do it regardless
They killed his big brother
He don’t care, he ain’t hearing me talking
Real deal killer then stepped on n*****

(I never change, I never change, I never change, no)
(I never change, I never change, oh)
(I never change, I never change, I never change, no)
(I never change, I never change, oh)

I could do a thousand songs to warm my uncle home
I don’t want company, I had vultures in my living room
Didn’t know who did it, I don’t know why n***** bring it up
I think they just wanna see me fall so they can take my spot
T-man was homeless for a minute, I was homeless for a minute
Hurt still stuck inside his eyes when I look at him I still see it
Just stay true and keep it G
Can’t control them other people
I was putting in that work when they ain’t see it, keep it real
Sometimes I don’t want to be living this fucking life
I’m so far from my old self, I don’t even know what’s right
All them memories we share, still tryna keep it tight
There ain’t no point in living lavish when my brother died

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