Tee Grizzley – Robbery Part 3 Lyrics


On the prison bus, can’t jump out the window, it’s a gate
See it in my face, I got a L in the state
Thinkin’ to myself, “I coulda took them bitches on a chase”
CEOs on bullshit if you ain’t the same race (Damn)
Won’t understand what happened, I thought you was big time
I told ’em, “Karma came back, I had to get mine” (I had to)
I hit the cell by myself, really sick now
But this what it is when you the opposite of 6ix9ine
A month passed, I been tryna call my bitch (Damn)
She ain’t pickin’ up, I sent some niggas to her crib (Go check her out)
It’s crazy, I left all my money with that bitch
Lawyers gotta get paid and ain’t no money on my shit (This shit bullshit)
She pick up, like, “Nigga, you ain’t realize I’m leavin’?” (What?)
“But I got you, I know you hurtin’ and you need it” (Man)
I gave your momma fifty, but the rest of that I’m keepin’ (Okay)
Nigga, you got life, where you at, you ain’t gon’ need it (Alright)
She hung up, I felt the words in my chest
My momma out here trippin’, now she playin’ with a check (She green)
I love her but I know she ain’t really got my back
She the type to buy a ‘Vette, hit the mall and blow the rest (Boutta be gone)
Everybody after that I called shitted on me (Straight up)
I know the bros doin’ bad, they depended on me (Damn)
I’m in here with a sword, I’m around different homies
Can’t hide that, I gotta hit the yard with it on me (Got that bitch on me)
Years passed and I ain’t get no visits, no mail (At all)
Ain’t got no hope for gettin’ out ’cause I won’t tell (I’m silent)
Beef on this prison bit, I ain’t takin’ no Ls (None)
Came back from yard and niggas cleared out my whole cell (Where all my shit?)
They tryna get to me, it worked, I’m on took (I’m on it)
I told my neighbor, “Let me holler at you real quick” (Ayy, come here)
I said, “I got a band, tell me who hit the lick” (Who you see?)
A good spin move, I ain’t gon’ give this nigga shit
He like, “That’s a bet, but I only know where one at
He in Cell 30, go there, you might not come back
Just a number where I need you to send that one stack
3-1-3,” I walked away on his dumbass (Fuck off, nigga)
I’m ’bout to fuck the yard up (Fuck it up), butcher niggas
Do ’em dirty, whoever in Cell 30 gettin’ carved up
I’m feelin’ like I went dead, lemme charge up
Still doin’ drills, niggas better have they guard up (Have your guard up)
I blow down on Cell 30 and it’s open (I’m in here)
But ain’t nobody here, I move demon, bitch, I’m posted (I’m chillin’)
Later on, niggas came back but ain’t noticed (Whaddup?)
I came from behind a nigga locker and now they frozen (It’s bitch, bitch)
Hit the first nigga in his neck, he started chokin’ (Bitch)
The other nigga threw his hands up like he posin’
Put that metal to that nigga head like a Trojan (Trojan)
Spartan (Spartan), knight (Knight)
Smoke ’em with a knife (smoke ’em with a knife)
Take somethin’ from me? I’ma come back for your life (Come back for your life)
A nigga say my name, he gon’ tell you I’m a striker (Striker)
Half of the niggas I shot was tryna fight (Got blew down)
The police took me to the hole later on that night (Fuck)

Now I’m locked up (Damn), washed up (That’s crazy)
Stole from me and got popped up (Damn)
Locked up (Locked up), washed up (Washed up)
Stole from me and got popped up (They got popped the fuck up)
My sharks let me drown (My sharks let me drown)
My baby left me to die (My baby left me to die)
Can’t even get myself off the ground (Can’t even get myself off the ground)
And I won’t even try (Fuck it), I can’t even lie (Fuck it)
My momma let me down (My momma let me down)
My enemies not alive (My enemies not alive)
Brodie tryna take my place, I’m not around (Damn)
And I can’t even cry (Fuck it), I won’t even lie (Fuck it)

I get a letter, I’m like, “Fuck is this about?” (Who this?)
I’m thinkin’ like, “This ain’t for me, it went the wrong route” (This ain’t for me)
I seen a name instantly and lose all doubt (Damn)
This the bitch that had all them cameras on her house (She got that shit)
She like, “Dear Tee, I feel so ashamed
Guilt-trippin’, feelin’ like I took you out the game
Your niggas turned on you, they don’t even say your name
And your cousin ’bout to have a baby with your man” (That’s crazy)
“But fuck all that, I’m tryna get you out the pen’
The lawyer told me we can appeal that and win
You got a good chance, we gon’ fight that bitch again
I still got that money, we gon’ pay the lawyer ten” (Say less)
“Don’t ask why, I just had to come and get you” (Okay)
“Prolly the last thing you wanna hear but I miss you
I feel like you the realest even though we had our issues
You ain’t had to get mad and hit me with that pistol”
I’m fucked up (I’m fucked up), America wouldn’t expect it (Damn)
I was ’bout to die in prison, now I got an exit (Out this bitch)
The ones that left me was the ones I respected (No cap)
I got my life back, nigga, and I ain’t need a blessin’ (Ain’t need a blessin’)
We hit court, I’m nervous, can’t even front (I’m scared)
The lawyer got to eatin’ that bitch up like a lunch (Goin’ crazy)
The cameras saw a nigga with a hoodie and a gun
Girl said it wasn’t me, the prosecutor lookin’ dumb (Talk yo’ shit)
The judge like, “That ain’t what you said last trial, woman”
She like, “That’s my man and he cheated so I lied on him” (No cap)
“But in all honesty, he innocent,” judge shook his head Looked at her, looked at me and he dismissed that bitch (Let’s get it)
Back home (Back home), first day out
I’m bendin’ her over, her back strong (Her back strong)
Gotta call my plug, that bidness, we back on (Let’s get to it)
All them boys that left me in prison get stepped on (I’m on y’all niggas ass, nigga, y’all know that)
Ayy, get down on my knees, say, “Thank you,” to Jesus Christ (Amen)
Old girl came and helped but this shit ain’t right
If she testified once, then she’ll do it twice
I can’t do it right now, but soon, I’ma take her life (This bitch a rack)
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